Designing Projects to Engage Students, Honor Their Learning Styles, and Spark Interest in STEM Education

In this presentation, Professor Becki Streett of University of Arkansas at Little Rockexamines strategies to engage first-year college students and spark their interest in STEM education. She will share methods and strategies that can easily be implemented into your own curriculum, including evidence-based learning practices, such as simple gamification techniques, scientific research skills, and “think, pair, share”-type interactions among students. Her approach helps build an inclusive environment that proves a STEM education is about so much more than simple problem solving.

About the Presenter:
Becki Streett is a Senior Mathematics Instructor and the Coordinator of Developmental Mathematics at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. With nearly 30 years of experience teaching mathematics, she advocates for approaching math courses “like a camp counselor,” connecting students through discussion and collaboration in a safe environment where everyone can be heard.