Dallas College – Richland Campus

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Courses: Elementary Statistical Methods MATH 1342

Course Type: Corequisite Lecture

Quick Stats: 67% decrease in withdrawals  

33% of students finished with an A 

43% improvement in passing rates

After seeing increased student success in her curriculum-level statistics course at Dallas College, Professor Yolanda Manzano implemented Hawkes Learning’s Beginning Statistics courseware in her corequisite lecture course as well. 

Students that are deemed unprepared for curriculum-level statistics are placed in a corequisite course where they receive additional instruction on prerequisite skills outside of the traditional curriculum-level course with their peers. Because these classes are corequisites, they meet for three hours twice a week.  

By the end of fall 2021, 67% of students finished with a C or above compared to the 24% of students receiving a C or above using Carnegie Math Pathways (WestEd) in the fall of 2019.  43% more students passed the course using Hawkes compared to those using the competitor product.  

The fall 2021 class also saw a significant 67% decrease in the number of students who decided to withdraw from this course.   

When asked about students’ success using Hawkes, Professor Manzano highlighted the mastery learning pedagogy of the software, which encourages students to continue working through the material and “not settle for a low score”. She finds the software to be user-friendly and also noted the responsive and friendly tech support team that she and her students have experienced while working with Hawkes Learning. 


“…I like to use Chapter Projects as classroom activities… I love these because they reinforce concepts in a way that extends their knowledge by applying it in different scenarios. Making this connection is important to me because it helps them to retain information and use statistical concepts in their daily lives.” 

Professor Yolanda Manzano