Creating a STEM pathway for underprepared students

Dr. Yelena Meadows of Potomac State College of West Virginia University discusses creating a STEM pathway for underprepared students. She focuses on the use of Hawkes’ Diagnostic Test and Prerequisite Tools in a Quantitative Skills Course as well as a required Lab component for Corequisite College Algebra.

Pathways in Math courses are a fairly new concept designed to tailor specificity of mathematical skills best suited to the student as required by their selected major. The state of West Virginia mandates that each student entering college is provided a pathway that leads to fulfillment of a math course required by the student’s major. To that end, the Potomac State math department has created two tracks: STEM majors and Liberal Arts. The results in their two years of implantation are showing that students are succeeding at higher rates.

Yelena Meadows

About the Presenter:
Dr. Yelena Meadows holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and an M.S. in Pure and Applied Mathematics. She is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Potomac State College of West Virginia University and has been teaching Mathematics for the last 20 years. Her experience includes 14 years at the college level and six years at the high school level. In the last three years, Dr. Meadows has piloted and helped lead a full-scale implementation of the corequisite model in College Algebra, Qualitative Reasoning Course, and Quantitative Reasoning at Potomac State. She also teaches Statistics and Calculus sequence courses.