Creating a Culture of Positivity for Math Students

In this webinar, professor Yevgeniya Rivers of the University of New Haven will present ways to provide a positive and supportive environment for math students such that they are more likely to attend tutoring in their free time, achieve success, and stay engaged overall. You’ll see short clips of peer tutors and how they see themselves in this culture creation. The webinar will also look at the more passive elements that contribute to math positivity.
Together we’ll attempt to answer the questions: What role do you play in creating a culture of positivity? How can you recruit others to do the same?

About the Presenter:

Yevgeniya Rivers has been a math educator since 2007. Having taught high school general and special education classes and college math courses since, she has found that her students react most favorably when she demonstrates how much she cares about not only their success in the class but their well-being overall. She seeks to empower her students by guiding them through the neuroscience behind the growth mindset as well as having them research ways in which they can overcome their math (usually test) anxiety.