What’s New: September 16, 2019

New Feature Highlights

Student Dashboard > Mini To-Do List Matches Full To-Do List

We updated our Mini To-Do List to match the full To-Do List display. It will now show the first five uncompleted assignments in the order specified by the custom to-do list. If there is no custom to-do list, assignments will be ordered by due date, or by lesson prefix if there are no due dates.

Question Builder > Graph Builder > Logarithmic

Logarithmic functions have been added to Graph Builder. Users can define these by indicating the logarithmic leading coefficient, base, and argument (y = a logb(argument)). The base can be any value greater than 0 (including e). The argument can be defined by indicating its coefficients or roots and leading coefficient.

The logarithmic functions can be implemented in Graph Builder. A menu has the option "Show Logarithmic" as "Show" so that the graph displays to the right of the menu.
Question Builder > Graphing > Incomplete Evaluation

Incomplete evaluation is now available with the Graphing step type.

If a question requires a student to plot graph objects, the question will be marked incomplete if any of the objects remain unplotted.

Example: Student must plot a point and a vertical line.

  • If neither graph object is plotted, question will evaluation as incomplete.
  • If only one graph object is plotted, question will evaluate as incomplete.
  • If both graph objects are plotted, question will evaluate as correct/incorrect.

If a question requires a student to drag graph objects, the question will be marked incomplete if all graph objects remain in their initial location.

The same logic is used for questions requiring students to both plot and drag objects.

Question Builder > Updates to Image

We’ve made a few updates to the Image tool to help meet our accessibility standards and increase usability.

  1. An optional Description field is now present. Users can include special characters, variables, expressions, subscripts, and superscripts.
  2. By default, image sizes are now set to 100 zoom. This corresponds to the actual size of the image. Lower zoom values will scale the image proportionally. Users can still adjust the % and px, as previously available.
Insert image by including the image's URL or uploading the file.
Question Builder Evaluation > Case Sensitivity

For Free Response, Evaluate As Exact Input Only, users can now set a Case Sensitive check.

By default, Case Sensitive is set to Off, meaning student answers need not use the same case as defined in the answer. If set to On, student answers must use the same case as defined in the answer.

Answer evaluation now includes case sensitivity.

Example – Defined Answer: Hawkes

  • If Case Sensitive = Off, students can enter with any variation of letter case and the answer will still be evaluated as correct.
    • HAWKES
    • hawkes
    • HAwkes
  • If Case Sensitive = On, students answer must match in letter case to be evaluated as correct.
    • Hawkes (evaluates as correct)
    • hawkes (evaluates as incorrect)
    • HAwkes (evaluates as incorrect)