What’s New: October 24, 2019

New Feature Highlights

Certify – Students can View a Solution Multiple Times

When a student incorrectly answers a question in Certify, they can now view the solution by clicking the “Display Solution” button in the bottom left corner. This button remains available after the student initially views the solution and navigates back to Certify.

A new button labeled "Display Solution" is in the bottom left corner of the student's Certify screen.

Certify – Students can review previous Certify attempts

Students can now review which questions they received in a Certify attempt and how they answered these questions, as well as see the correct answers for any questions they answered incorrectly. To enable this new feature for your students, please reach out to your Training and Support Specialist.

A button labeled "Review" is in the bottom right corner of the Certify mode.

Question Builder – Graph Builder – Display Polynomial Equation when defining by Coefficients

When defining a polynomial by coefficients, we now display the resulting equation so you can be confident you’ve entered everything in the correct format.

The resulting equation is displayed underneath the coefficients in Question Builder.
We’ve also made several other enhancements to our Question Builder- Graph Builder functionality! Check out the tool to see more.