What’s New: May 21, 2020

New Feature Highlights

Grade Book > Reports > All Student Scores Report Graph Modal

Graphical displays of data and grade statistics are now available on the All Student Scores report. Instructors will be able to access this information by clicking on a graph icon within the report which will open the following:

  • A bar chart including the number of students in each grade letter category:
  • A pie chart including the percent of students in each grade letter category:
  • An analysis of the data including average and median scores as well as the standard deviation:

Grade Book > Assignments > WebTests > Fractional Point Values on WebTests

Instructors now have the ability to set the point value on a question or step as any value between 0.01 and 99.99 (previously this required a whole number).

Grade Book > Assignments > Lesson Due Dates > Bulk Shift Visible On Dates

When instructors use the Shift Multiple Due Dates functionality on a Lesson Due Dates template, any set Visible On dates will also be shifted accordingly.

Grade Book > Edit Scores > Show Overall Grade

Instructors can now see their students’ overall grades on the following pages:

  1. Edit Scores by Assignment (new column for all students)
  1. Edit Scores by Student (data displayed directly above table) .

Grade Book > Assignment Reviewer > Hide Correct Setting option

Instructors now can change if the “Hide Correct” setting during assignment reviews is checked or unchecked by default under Display Options for all future instructor reviews.

LMS > LTI 1.3 Tool

Our LMS Sync Tool is now compatible with LTI 1.3 standards! This means that any LMS that are also LTI 1.3 compatible will be able to use our tool, which includes Moodle. Current functionality includes student Single Sign On, student/roster sync, assignment sync, assignment grade sync and final grade sync.

LMS > Sync Due Dates – Canvas and D2L

For our Canvas and D2L users, when instructors sync assignments (whether they are creating deep links or not), they will now also sync over the section level due dates. These will update if an instructor makes a due date change once the assignment is synced again or any grades are synced. This will not handle any student specific due dates.

Student Courseware > Allow students to access Tutor on correct answer

Students working through questions can now access the Tutor button when they answer a question correctly. This provides access to our great learning aids and allow a student to review Step by Step to confirm how they got an answer.