What’s New: May 16, 2019

New Feature Highlights

Grade Book Menu Updates

The menu pages of the Grade Book have been updated! These pages include:

  1. Sign In
  2. Home
  3. Reports
  4. Assignments
  5. Grade Settings
  6. Tools
  7. Help
Lesson Landing Page Updates

A few changes have been made to the Student Lesson Landing Page.

  • Numbers are now present in front of Learn, Practice, and Certify to further emphasize the learning path.
    • 1. Learn
    • 2. Practice
    • 3. Certify
Manage Students Updates

Instructors will now have a more modern look and feel when utilizing the Manage Students functionality.  Instructors can also utilize the search bar to search for a specific student based on name or email address and export this data to excel.

Renamed Improper to Incorrect Format

Instructors and students will now see the terminology updated to Incorrect Format throughout the product.  The following areas have been updated to reflect this new terminology:

  • Assignment Reviewer
  • Practice and Certify Answers
  • Student and Instructor WebTest Reviewer
  • Time Per Test Question Report
Question Builder – Ability to Turn Function Recognition On/Off

For Question Builder questions, instructors can indicate if they’d like the above 8 functions to be recognized when typed from the keyboard. This setting is called Recognize Functions and can be found under Advanced Options > Text Box Options in Free Response questions. By default, the setting is Off. 

LMS Updates

Automatic Sync functionality has been added for the following LMS:

  • D2L

Deep Linking functionality has been added for the following LMSes:

  • Canvas
  • D2L