What’s New: March 19, 2020

New Feature Highlights

Grade Book > Reports > Detailed Student Grades – New Look!

The Detailed Student Grades Report has been updated with a sleek new look.  All current functionality is the same, however, instructors can now review assignments by simply clicking on them, just as they can with Assignment Reviewer.

Grade Book > Reports > All Student Scores > WebTests- Student Settings by Student link

Instructors can now access the Student Settings by Student option from the All Student Scores report by clicking the cell for a WebTest.

Student Courseware > Practice Tests – Retake

Students now have the ability to retake their previous practice tests. This will be especially helpful if students want to prepare for tests without having to create multiple different practice tests!

Hawkes Website > System Status Page

Users can now go to http://learn.hawkeslearning.com/portal/home/SystemStatus to see the status of our system at any given time.