What’s New: July 18, 2019

New Feature Highlights

Export > Multiple Versions

Instructors can now export up to 10 different versions of a test at once through the Export to Docx functionality.

All Student Scores Report > Last Login

The last login can now be displayed on the All Student Scores Report. Instructors can set this option by clicking Show View Settings and checking Last Login. By default, this option is unchecked. When checked, a new column called Last Login displays to the right of the Student column and includes the full timestamp (Ex. 7/10/2019 5:11:05 PM).

Question Builder Graph Builder > New Shapes

4 new shapes have been added to Graph Builder!

  1. Parabola
    • Users can define a parabola by its equation, its vertex and one other point, or three points.
  2. Polynomial
    • Users can define a polynomial by indicating its coefficients or roots and leading coefficient.
  3. Rational
    • Users can define a rational by indicating both its numerator and denominator coefficients or roots and leading coefficient.
  4. Exponential
    • Users can define an exponential by indicating both its leading coefficient, base, and exponent.
Question Builder Graph Builder > Coordinate Lines

Users can now choose to display coordinate lines. These are lines from the point to the vertical and/or horizontal axes. These can be displayed whenever a point is plotted:

  • Point
  • Line defined by Two Points or Point Slope
  • Parabola defined by Vertex And Point or Three Points
  • Polygon
Question Builder Graph Builder > Shading Polygons

Users can choose to shade the inside or outside of a polygon.

Question Builder Graph Builder/Graphing Template > Reset Button

Instructors can display a reset button with any graphs they create. This option is available in the graph Settings tab. In Graph Builder, the Reset Button is not displayed by default. In the Graphing Step Type, the reset button is displayed by default.

Question Builder > Clear Navigation Back to Bank Page

We’ve added a hyperlink to navigate back to the main Question Bank page in Question Builder.

Question Builder > Text Box Options Exposed to All Users

All Question Builder users will now have access to our Text Box Options in Free Response questions. These options are found under +Advanced Options. Detailed documentation is available.

Question Builder > Display Question Name in Permissions

The Question Name now displays on the Permissions page.

Question Builder > Make the Buttons Always Visible in Preview/Edit and Permissions

When previewing a Question Builder question, users can always see the following buttons, no matter where user is on the page.

  • Permissions
  • New Values
  • Edit

This functionality has been updated on Question Preview/Edit and the Permissions.

Question Builder > New Commands for Double Prime and Triple Prime

New LaTeX commands for double and triple prime are now available.

  • \dprime – double prime
  • \trprime – triple prime

These operators have also been added to Special Characters.

Evaluation > Mixed Numbers

Improvements have been made to the way we evaluate mixed numbers. Specifically,

  • Any expression containing mixed numbers as defined below are treated as mixed numbers (whole part added to fractional part).
  • Any expression containing a value preceding a fraction but does not meet the definition of a mixed number is treated as multiplication.

Definition: a b/c where a is a nonzero integer and b < c are positive integers

  • If a = 0, unsimplified
  • If b >= c, unsimplified
  • If b < 0 or c < 0, improper
  • If b = 0, unsimplified
  • If c = 0, improper