What's New: February 18, 2020

New Feature Highlights

Student Web Platform > Updated Exit Verbiage for Students in Learn, Practice, and Certify

We have updated the exit verbiage for each mode of a lesson, making it clearer for students to know how to save progress. Additionally, we also updated the visual and cursor focus.


Exit Learn


Save and Exit Practice
Save and Exit Practice. Would you like to save this practice session and resume later?


Save and Exit Certify.
Save and Exit Certify. You have three saves remaining. Would you like to save this certification and resume later?

Grade Book > Communication – Include “To” recipients in message

When an instructor sends a message through the Grade Book, they can now see which student names have been added to the “To” field. 

Web Platform > Graph Engine > Polygon – Ability to enable dragging

Question Builder users can drag a polygon to reposition elsewhere by clicking anywhere within the polygon. Users can also move the shape with their keyboard by focusing on shape and using arrows. When moving the polygon, the shape of the polygon is maintained.

Web Platform > Graph Engine > Curve > Polynomial – Ability to restrict the domain

Question Builder users can restrict the domain of functions by setting a minimum and/or maximum value for x. This setting is available for curves with type=polynomial. Settings are located in the Curve Properties of the graphing tool.