What's New: December 19, 2019

New Feature Highlights

Grade Book Reports – Highlight Most Popular Reports

We have added a link to Assignment Reviewer under the Reports tab, and highlighted our four most popular reports at the top of the page for easier navigation – All Student Scores, Detailed Student Grades, Search by Criteria, and Assignment Reviewer.

Newly organized Reports page in the Grade Book
Grade Book Report – Weekly Assignment Completion Sorting Update

The columns of the Weekly Assignment Completion report are now sortable by clicking the column headers and is sorted by completion date by default.

You can now sort through the Weekly Assignment Completion report.
Question Builder – Graph Engine – Ability to choose the color of shape objects

When an instructor is adding a shape within the Graph Engine of Question Builder, they can now select the color of that object from a list of colors. This will allow multiple objects to be more easily distinguishable between one another.

Select the color of the object from a list.
Question Builder – Graph Engine – Enable Dragging and Show Original

When using Graph Engine of Question Builder, you can enable dragging of the shape/object as well as choose to show the original after dragging. This is available for Exponential, Logarithmic, Polynomial, and Rational. This allows instructors to build more interactive graphing questions.

Enable the dragging of a shape or object and choose to show the original after dragging.