Empower Student Learning through Intrinsic Motivation

Are your students motivated to learn the lesson content? Consider ways to encourage intrinsic motivation to ensure deeper learning. An important factor in the learning process is possessing the motivation to learn. A 2016 Gallup Student Poll of 5th- through 12th- grade students from almost 3,000 schools in the U.S. and Canada discovered that the proportion … Continue reading Empower Student Learning through Intrinsic Motivation

Presentations from Innovative Educators

Please view the presentations from each available session of the Innovative Educators Summit below. If you have questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us at marketing@hawkeslearning.com. English Track Opening Keynote: Innovation in Developmental Education | PowerPoint —Peter Adams, Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) Integrated Communication Arts in a Corequisite World | PowerPoint —Dr. Sherry Wilson, … Continue reading Presentations from Innovative Educators

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Psychologist Benjamin Bloom published his now widely spread document in education, “Taxonomy of Educational Objectives,” in 1956. In it, he and his team specify three domains of learning: affective, psychomotor, and cognitive. While the affective domain refers to the emotions, motivations, and attitudes of students, the psychomotor domain focuses on their motor skills. The cognitive … Continue reading 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

10 Habits to Help You Succeed in College – FREE PDF Included

The title of the document is Reading Environment Assessment. It asks you to one: list three places you usually study in order of frequency. Then, two: Circle the response that applies to each of these places (T for True and F for False). Statements are Other people seldom interrupt me when I study here; Little of what I can see here reminds me of things unrelated to my studying; and I don't hear a TV or radio when I study here.

Getting a college degree is no easy feat. Fortunately, you and your fellow students have access to a plethora of tips and tricks to make the most out of your class time and study time. One such source is provided by Opportunity International, which lists out habits to help you succeed in higher education. Here's a taste … Continue reading 10 Habits to Help You Succeed in College – FREE PDF Included