The Student Experience

Everything—from the initial login to the final assessment—is designed with the student in mind. Students receive lifetime access to the tools they need to achieve academic excellence.

Hawkes Learning’s user-friendly interface allows students to focus less on navigating the program and more on mastering the course content. A Virginia Tech student said, “The interface is really user-friendly and easy to use. I have used plenty of other online learning systems for other classes and I can honestly say I prefer Hawkes by a landslide.”

Student Dashboard

The courseware encourages students’ time-management skills right after they log in with a to-do list. This list displays assignments that are due or overdue. Students just need to select the assignment name directly from the list to start their work. Additionally, a red notification pops up in the top right corner alerting students to looming assignment deadlines.

The Learning Path

Once students select an assignment, they are greeted with the Learning Path. This path has three modes:

Learn offers a multimedia-rich presentation of the lesson content. It includes concept builders, animations, instructional videos, and interactive skill checks.

Practice engages students with algorithmically generated problems and intelligent tutoring in an ungraded, penalty-free environment.

Certify requires students to demonstrate mastery of the material at a defined proficiency level without access to tutoring aids.

The Learning Path includes Learn, Practice, and Certify modes.

This learning path operates on Hawkes Learning’s mastery-based approach. Our method to mastery promotes positive, active learning and adapts to each student’s needs through algorithmically generated questions and tutorials. Students gain a holistic understanding of the course content, meaning that if students do well on their homework, they’re going to see positive results come test time.

The courseware’s unique tools also include:

  • Explain Error – Get precise feedback from the system’s artificial intelligence, which anticipates and diagnoses specific errors.
  • Interactive Tutor – Break down questions with guided, step-by-step tutorials and detailed explanations.

A student from Riverland Community College – Austin Campus claimed that Hawkes Learning “is helping me learn better by having that tutor option and showing a step-by-step option as well. I will be using this for as long as I can.”

Take a look at the English courseware:

Take a look at the math courseware:

Practice Tests

Students can create practice tests to better prepare for their assigned tests. With these practice tests, students select which topics to cover, how many questions to answer, and an optional time frame to complete the test. After students finish, they receive a breakdown of demonstrated competency to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses on a per-topic basis. Students can jump into the specific lessons that need more review directly from this personalized feedback.

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Service: The Heart of Hawkes

Training and Support Specialist Tiffany poses for a picture with three instructors from Butler Community College.

You and your students are our top priority. We’re committed to providing you with a positive experience with Hawkes, starting from the moment you begin exploring our materials to the time you’re submitting final grades for the term!

No-Wait Support

We take pride in our family-style service provided by knowledgeable Hawkes employees. Nobody likes waiting on hold or going through automated prompts to speak with someone on the phone, so at Hawkes we take a different approach. Instead, both you and your students receive one number—1-800-426-9538—so you can reach us directly. When you call us between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday–Friday, you chat with our friendly technical support team within just a few rings. As a student at South Louisiana Community College – Lafayette Campus claimed, “The tech support is amazing. They were able to help me within 5 minutes of me calling.”

Tech support representative Brandon is ready to take your call.

Brandon on the tech support team is ready to take your call.

We respect your time. You shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to set up your online grading system without any help, and you shouldn’t have to worry that no one is within reach if technical questions arise in the middle of class. An instructor at Lindsey Wilson College shared with us that “getting a human when you call Hawkes is worth a lot to me.” Giving you peace of mind when it comes to working with technology is worth a lot to us.

Working on the weekend or at midnight during the week? We still have you covered with 24/7 live chat. Students and instructors can instantly start a live chat support session to get the help they need right away.

Training and Support Specialists

We believe in driving student success through service and innovation. When you join the Hawkes family, your school is assigned a dedicated Training and Support Specialist who works with you before, during, and after each term to learn about your course goals and help you use the Hawkes system to achieve them.

Training and Support Specialist Tiffany poses for a picture with three instructors from Butler Community College.

Training & Support Specialist Tiffany and the math instructors at Butler Community College made sure students and faculty soared into a successful spring semester.

Your direct point of contact at Hawkes helps you with setting up your online instructor materials and exploring the student courseware, providing free and unlimited training when you need it. Whether you’re a first-time user or a Hawkes expert looking for some new tips, your Training and Support Specialist is happy to share their knowledge. A Fort Scott Community College instructor affirmed, “Every training we have had over the years has been helpful, and I have learned something new each time.”

Training and Support Specialist Rebecca at her computer.

Training and Support Specialist Rebecca helps provide free online training to help with implementation questions.

We aim to deliver the best experience you’ve had working with a publisher…or anyone! Instructors inform us we succeed in this endeavor, like our friend at Green River Community College who said, “Hawkes customer service…is among the best of all companies I’ve dealt with in all aspects of my life.” We won’t rest on our laurels, though; we’ll keep striving for perfection.

The Instructor Experience

We provide a flexible course management system that can be customized to any course structure. The online Grade Book makes your courseware implementation simple so you can spend less time setting up and more time teaching.

Course Customization

Choose from the robust question bank to create your curriculum, tests, and quizzes that can be printed or administered online.

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prerequisite tests and assignments
  • Security settings and IP address restrictions
  • Custom question integration

Reporting & Analytics

The course management system contains robust reporting tools so you can track how students are doing on any assignment in real time. Detailed performance reporting and analytics allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your classroom.

Reporting capabilities include:

  • Student Time-On-Task Data – Assess how students allocate their time in Hawkes.
  • Assignment Completion – Pinpoint students who are at risk of falling behind.
  • Assignment Reviewer – Identify when intervention points are necessary.
  • Mastery Objectives – Define course objectives and measure learning outcomes.
  • Attendance Tracking – Record attendance to include in students’ grades.
  • Search By Criteria – Identify students based on activity and performance.

Syncing with Learning Management Systems

Sync your class rosters, grades, and assignments directly from Hawkes with your LMS, including Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace (formerly D2L). Allow your students to log directly into Hawkes using single sign-on. Our developers will work directly with your school’s system administrator to set up the functionality before classes start.

For more information about these tools, please check out our Instructor Tools page, our Instructor Grade Book Reports page, and our YouTube channel.

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