7 Reasons to Implement Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning is a natural approach for in-person, online and hybrid classrooms, and it is the de facto choice for many higher education institutions.  Competency-based learning, often called mastery-based learning, insists on subject mastery. It provides students with the opportunity to learn in a more personalized way and educators with the ability to ensure standards … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Implement Competency-Based Learning

What’s New: March 10, 2022

Hawkes has released a few key updates to improve your experience! Watch the video below & read on to learn more about these changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp7XjAPZMf8&feature=youtu.be Export Certify Assignments You can now easily export Certify assignments from the Lesson Builder tool! We hope that this option creates more opportunities for you and your students to engage with … Continue reading What’s New: March 10, 2022

PowerPoint Slides for Enhanced Instruction

https://youtu.be/D9AV0ios8g4 Learn how to use Hawkes’ instructor slides alongside your lesson content to create a more impactful, comprehensive learning experience. About the PresenterDr. Herbert Baum has a Ph.D. in Population Dynamics from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He has a 35 year career as a statistician/evaluator analyzing data from federal, state and local … Continue reading PowerPoint Slides for Enhanced Instruction

Successful Elements of Online Design from the Student and Professor Perspective

https://youtu.be/w0e1nif_Xao As more courses migrate to online and hybrid deliveries, it is difficult to ascertain which elements could be useful in successful online delivery models. Having been both an online student and an online professor, Dr. Stephanie Schaefer has analyzed & researched which key components should be a part of every online design model to reduce cognitive overload and increase … Continue reading Successful Elements of Online Design from the Student and Professor Perspective

Setting Up Your Virtual Classroom

https://youtu.be/n0wYHue4gmQ Presentation ResourcesStart your 2022 semester off right! In this webinar by instructor Becki Streett of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, she will walk through an example of an interactive virtual classroom that can accommodate several scenarios such as hybrid classes, in-person classes that quickly need to go virtual, and individual students needing … Continue reading Setting Up Your Virtual Classroom