Another fun Pi Day celebration at NMJC!

More than 2,000 children, adults, and students attended New Mexico Junior College’s annual Pi Day Fair and Celebration this year! Hundreds of volunteers made the event possible, including NMJC instructors and students; a local motor cycle club; Hobbs Rotary; bridge players from Odessa, Midland, and Carlsbad; about 30 high school students; and even two elementary students. Generous support from local organizations and businesses ensured attendees had plenty of fun activities, prizes, and treats to celebrate Pi Day with a bang.

“Pi Day was SENSATIONAL!” reports the event’s head organizer, Professor of Mathematics Shyla McGill. One of the many reasons the celebration was so sensational is that it connects math to real-world scenarios and so many different subject areas. The day included “lots of fun, lots of science and math, some music and history. The community LOVES Pi day; it was a blast!”

You can tell just from the photos that everyone who attended had fun while learning. Activities included story time, Mobius strip building, a maze in the shape of pi, and calculations involving finding the volume of chocolate bars and crackers and finding the length and time it takes to make a pendulum swing. The Music Department had two booths that included activities on sound waves. The history of the food pie and the number pi was included in the day as well.

Hawkes was honored to be part of this year’s event. Training & Support Specialist Rebecca Craig enjoyed working with the children in the community and showing them how to make Cartesian divers at an activity booth.


Check out the fun in some of the photos below!

Want to see more of the fun? Biology instructor and filmmaker Brittany Gale created a video highlighting the events of the day:

How did spring go? Spoiler – it was amazing.

As the spring term comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all the visits and activities we’ve completed over the past few months. Between January 1st and May 5th of this year, more than 51,000 students completed 1,184,577 successful Certifies in our lessons! That’s a lot of math and English content to master. Go, students!

Thank you to the instructors and students who let us spend time with them on their campuses to provide trainings, learn more about their courses, and understand more about their math and English needs. We have fun in and outside of the office, so make sure you check out our photos below!

AMATYC was so big, it needed its own post!

Wow, was AMATYC fun or what? If you attended, then you know the conference was filled with informative sessions, high energy, and great new people to meet and exchange ideas with! New Orleans was the perfect spot to have this amazing conference.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Hawkes Learning booth to learn more about our materials and meet our friendly representatives. Through your feedback, we’ve learned a lot about your course implementation ideas and wants and needs for materials. Check out our photos of the wonderful time we had below.

In terms of fall terms, this one’s pretty great!

We’re keeping busy at Hawkes, and we know you are too! In the midst of all the classes, lesson plans, grading, meetings, and those small windows that give you a few minutes to grab a quick bite before running to the next class, you’ve taken the time to share your valuable input via phone calls and in-person meetings, stop by our exhibit booth at conferences, and meet online with us to discuss your goals for the next term. As Halloween approaches, we’d like to say it’s been a treat working with you. Check out a few of our photos of the fall adventures below!

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August Travels to August Institutions

Our Training and Support Specialists and Courseware Specialists love being out on the road and meeting with instructors as the fall term begins! Our teams are dedicated to providing support to instructors and their students using Hawkes. We’re lucky to be able to see many instructors face-to-face and hear about their implementation stories, as well as see the courseware in action as students log in for the first time! Check out some of the photos from our travels below.

We love the MathFestivities!

Hello from our nation’s capital! We’ve been enjoying meeting instructors, speaking with current users, and learning from everyone at MathFest. This 100th celebration is setting a new president for math conferences. Thanks to the MAA for a fun and educational time, and happy birthday! Check out our photos below.