What’s New in Foundations of English, 2nd edition?

The modernized and enhanced content of the second edition of Foundations of English engages today's learners through innovative instruction and relatable applications. This introductory textbook combined with the mastery-based software and ancillary materials gives students all the tools they need to practice essential skills needed for academic success including time management, organization, critical reading and thinking, grammar … Continue reading What’s New in Foundations of English, 2nd edition?

Guided Notebooks: The Perfect Supplement to Your Course Content

Written by Dr. Chris Schroeder of Morehead State University, the third editions of the Precalculus Guided Notebook & College Algebra Guided Notebook provide tangible, pencil-to-paper resources to supplement in-person, hybrid, or online learning environments. View sample: Precalculus Guided Notebook View sample: College Algebra Guided Notebook These guided notebooks ensure accountability to course content, prompting students to … Continue reading Guided Notebooks: The Perfect Supplement to Your Course Content

Calculus Software for Online Learning

Hawkes' Calculus software provides a full course solution for virtual learning environments with features including: Video examples for every textbook example that walk students through the problem solving process.Time-saving automated grading that gives detailed analytics on question-based performance, time one task and assignment completion.Unlimited practice problems through algorithmic question generation with tutoring and detailed solutions. … Continue reading Calculus Software for Online Learning

New Editions: College Algebra & Precalculus

The new editions of College Algebra and Precalculus, along with the co-requisite courses College Algebra + Integrated Review and Precalculus + Integrated Review, are hot off the presses! The complete revision of these titles now includes new chapters, topics, and expanded exercise sets broken into practice, application, technology, and writing/critical thinking question sets. 22 new integrated review topics in the co-requisite courses ensure students receive … Continue reading New Editions: College Algebra & Precalculus

Updates to Hawkes’ Corequisite Beginning Statistics Title

Our fully-overhauled Beginning Statistics + Integrated Review title offers new content and expanded exercise sets to support corequisite learners. Targeted review topics before each statistics chapter clearly explain how these skills are connected and teach students how to apply them in their statistics courses. Explore the Textbook What's New in the Guided Notebook: Making Connections: This introduction quickly contextualizes prerequisite skills … Continue reading Updates to Hawkes’ Corequisite Beginning Statistics Title

Screentime Stats: Download the Free Project

Exploratory projects in the NEW edition of Beginning Statistics immerse students in real-world applications of statistics. Assign these projects as homework or small group assignments to stimulate discussion and collaboration among students.   In the age of the smartphone, younger people tend to get a bad rap for spending too much time on their mobile devices, but … Continue reading Screentime Stats: Download the Free Project