Guide Student Success with NEW Guided Notebooks

Package our two newest course offerings with Guided Notebooks, available for summer 2017! These notebooks are a wonderful resource to accompany the integrated review content of the online subject matter.

Get a special preview here of the Beginning Statistics Plus Integrated Review Guided Notebook.

Check out a sample of the Viewing Life Mathematically Plus Integrated Review Guided Notebook.

Check out a sample of the College Algebra Plus Integrated Review Guided Notebook.

Ideal for corequisite courses, lab settings, and students entering class with foundational knowledge gaps, these courses integrate credit-bearing material with review to target the prerequisite skills needed for curriculum-level success.

NEW Guided Notebooks, a binder-ready supplement, ensure students engage with the content as they follow along throughout the instructional “Learn” mode of the courseware and serve as reference material for review later on.

Here are a few sample questions:

A sample question from the guided notes asks students to label the parts of the fraction 5/8. It then asks students to fill in the blank in the sentence Fractions are used to indicate blank of a whole and the sentence The fraction 2/7 represents blank of blank equal parts. Another question shows a rectangle split up into four smaller rectangles, three of which are shaded. Use the picture below to write a fraction representing the shaded portion of the shape.


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Teaching this summer? Check out these 6 tips!

Many people view summer as the time to relax, have a cool drink by the pool, and catch up on all the fun reading you couldn’t get to during the semester. However, not everyone can indulge in vacation time over the summer, especially when you’re teaching during a summer session! Since this time is so different than the fall and spring terms, it’s sometimes hard to get into a rhythm and find exactly how you want to teach your shorter course. However, we found this list of tips from instructor Janet Mizrahi helpful in starting your summer session off to a success.

Some of her tips include:

  • Being honest with students about the workload
  • Creating daily activities that vary each time and keep students engaged
  • Grading quickly and efficiently so students (and you!) don’t fall behind

Check out her full list of tips here, and let us know what tips you have for teaching summer courses in the comments!

Mizrahi, Janet. “Tips for Teaching Summer Session.” BizComBuzz. BizComBuzz, 22 pril 2015. Web. 24 June 2016.