Check out the English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook

The new English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook is a pencil-and-paper resource that emphasizes key concepts and their immediate applications in a corequisite or accelerated learning composition course. Download a free sample! Along with pre-built grammar diagnostic tests to identify skill gaps, this notebook builds note-taking and annotating skills while guiding students step-by-step through instructional … Continue reading Check out the English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook

Sensor data collection for class projects

Collect data with sensors for classroom exploration. Involving students in the first step of the data collection process promotes engagement and interest. It's hard to collect accurate data in the real world. Students must learn to be aware of different variables that impact readings and to harness their critical thinking skills to troubleshoot often. Raspberry Pi … Continue reading Sensor data collection for class projects

Stop Cheating on Calculus Homework

2 Advantages of Homework Software Learning math requires the repetition of solving problems until the concept is learned. Consider two advantages of software over a traditional paper-and-pencil approach: Eliminate cheating by copying out of the back of the book. Software has the ability to provide students with their own unique homework assignments with algorithmically generated questions. … Continue reading Stop Cheating on Calculus Homework

Ensuring students are college-ready

In education, little is more important than advocating for students. The demands of gateway, curriculum-level courses—coupled with the newness of college—can often enlarge barriers for underprepared students. There has been a lot a buzz about corequisite and accelerated learning programs as a way to help the incoming student population. Here are five reasons we've heard why … Continue reading Ensuring students are college-ready

Research is influencing college remediation (including Coreqs)

[Originally published on Brookings] Judith Scott-Clayton, an Associate Professor of Economics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, writes about the lack of evidence surrounding the effectiveness of traditional remedial placement and delivery practices in “Evidence-based reforms in college remediation are gaining steam – and so far living up to the hype.” She describes the … Continue reading Research is influencing college remediation (including Coreqs)

Evidence continues to show corequisite effectiveness

[Originally published on Inside Higher Ed] Alexandra Logue, a research professor at the Center for Advanced Study in Education at the City University of New York Graduate Center, describes an effective implementation of the corequisite model at City University of New York. This study adds to the growing body of research on the benefits of corequisite … Continue reading Evidence continues to show corequisite effectiveness