University of North Carolina – Charlotte

University of North Carolina Charlotte in Charlotte, NC; Comparative Study

Course: Intermediate Algebra
Course Type: Supplement to lecture, Computer assisted

Quick Stats:

31% Improvement in Post Test Scores
Pre to Post-test Improvement Rates
31% scored 12+ points higher using Hawkes
11% scored 12+ points higher using MyMathLab
9% scored 12+ points higher using a textbook only

10% Increase in Success Rate in Follow-Up Course
Success Rate in College Algebra
70% – Textbook only
72% – MyMathLab
80% – Hawkes Learning

16% of first time students at University of North Carolina-Charlotte are under prepared for college-level mathematics. No developmental courses were offered prior to 2000, resulting in a DFW rate of 33% in College Algebra alone.

UNC-C took several steps to address this issue, initially by offering their first Intermediate Algebra course in the Summer of 2000. This resulted in noticeable changes in the success rate of the follow-up course, College Algebra.

The second step, in Fall 2006, was to implement software. However, instructors quickly noticed a pattern. Students were scoring a 100% on the homework in the software, but lacked the fundamental understanding to perform well on exams.

In the Summer of 2010, UNC-C implemented Hawkes Learning. The mastery-based homework assignments and error-specific feedback helped to accomplish the goal of improving student results and made Intermediate Algebra an effective gateway course.

ABC Rate on Common Final Exam

IMA Graph

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