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Course: Finite Math
Course Type: Supplement to Lecture

Quick Stats:

The class total pass rate was 100% for those who completed the course.
The average final grade across sections (excluding incompletes) was 88.26%.
The department observed a strong relationship (r=0.8363) between students’
Hawkes mastery-based coursework assignment average and test scores for
the course.

The University of Alabama offers MAT 110 Finite Mathematics as a terminal math course
option for non-STEM students. As the course grew, the faculty decided to explore and
implement new courseware. The department chose to pilot the Hawkes Learning
courseware over the 2015-2016 academic year due to its user-friendliness and mastery-based pedagogy.

Most MAT 110 sections consist of approximately 100 students each and are taught by the course coordinator and graduate students. Course content covered in the lecture, homework assignments, homework due dates, and tests are standardized across sections and determined by the MAT 110 course coordinator in conjunction with the Mathematics Department’s guidelines and parameters.

Faculty members feel Hawkes’s mastery-based approach is an important component of the correlation between students’ test scores and homework completion. This success indicates that students learn the concepts covered in this course at a level that will translate to future courses and degree paths.

Bar graph shows homework to test score ratio in fall 2015, spring 2016, and overall.

Bar graph shows final grade distribution. 268 students received As; 156 students received Bs; 82 students received Cs; and 0 students received Ds or Fs.


Nathan Jackson