Bath County High School

Bath County High School: Morehead State University Dual Enrollment in Owingsville, KY; Testimonial

Courses: General Math Problem Solving, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus

Course Type: Computer Lab, Self-Paced

Quick Overview:

“I think using Hawkes Learning is a fantastic opportunity for all students to learn and achieve at their own pace. Teachers can add in their own activities and resources to continue to aid students in enhancing their math abilities. The friendliness of the Hawkes team is second to none. Patient, informative, and knowledgeable are all excellent qualities possessed by the Hawkes family.”
—Kim Halsey

Kim Halsey has been using Hawkes Learning’s courseware at Bath County High School since 2009. Her class is part of Morehead State University’s Dual Enrollment Program, which offers high school students college credit. From the first time she saw the courseware, Kim knew she wanted to “use it in every class possible.” Read more of Kim’s experience below!

“When I first started using Hawkes, I switched off days between lecture and lab. This was
harder to manage because every student worked at a different pace. All my classes now
meet in a computer lab, and I may have up to six classes meeting at the same time. Each is self-paced, and I do one-on-one instruction to help students with any questions. I also
encourage them to ask each other questions and talk about the math.

“I love the self-paced atmosphere Hawkes allows. The Learn and Practice sections offer
instant feedback and flexibility and help students focus on their weak areas. The most
beneficial part for students is that the Certify section is mastery-based. This is very
important! It forces students to work hard to learn the material and not just memorize problem types.

“As an instructor, I like the grade book and the ease of set up for the classes overall. It is very user-friendly, and I can tell at a quick glance what part of the Learning Path a student is on. I also love the friendly people at Hawkes. They are very knowledgeable and patient with phone calls. You can almost hear them smiling at you through the phone.”

Bath County High School's Early College Math LabPhoto of Kim Halsey with a quote next to her that says, “My courses were set up very traditionally before. Hawkes has totally changed the structure of my classroom. It makes the students far more accountable for their own learning.”

Kim Halsey