“The resources available for students outside of the classroom: the “Tutor” button is the most valuable resource for students. I also use Hawkes because of their user-friendly approach for students and instructors.” 

– Holli Brown uses Hawkes Learnings Viewing Life Mathematically, Precalculus, and Beginning Statistics for lessons, tests, quizzes, and final exams in her mathematics courses at Richmond Community College  

“Hawkes customer service is the best I have used, and Hawkes’ programs are very user friendly. Students can get immediate help when needed.”

– Robert Bennett teaches Math for Critical Thinking at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

“I chose Hawkes Learning because of their great customer support, the price for students, and because of continuity with other courses at our school.” 

– Kim Cayson teaches Intermediate Algebra at the University of Mississippi and uses Hawkes Learning for lessons and quizzes 

Bath County High School
Owingsville, KY
Courses: General Math Problem Solving, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus
Bath County High School offers high school students college credit in math through Morehead State University’s Dual Enrollment Program. 

“[Hawkes] Customer service rocks! Students love Learn, Practice, Certify in the homework lessons. Hawkes’ 3 modes of learning (Learn, Practice and Certify) is a great set up so students don’t depend on help menus. There are no games when it comes to pricing, as Hawkes provides consistent pricing to students. I’m the course coordinator, and it’s a great set up for me to view all the sections taught by our adjunct faculty.” 

– Karen Crossin uses Hawkes’ Viewing Life Mathematically courseware for lessons, tests, quizzes, and final exams in their Hybrid Math 106 course at George Mason University  

“We are currently teaching a hybrid version of the class and needed a way to measure and accommodate various levels of freshman English students.  We used the diagnostic exam to determine which class was most suitable for each student.  Once the students were placed, we used the curriculum determined by the diagnostic as a supplement for our traditional freshmen English classes and as the class curriculum for students who placed in level one or level two transitional English courses.” 

“The most beneficial part of Hawkes for us is the diagnostic exam. We really needed a better way of evaluating the skills students bring to the classes. Traditionally, we used a diagnostic essay, but that method only allowed us to recognize deficits that were present.  We had no way to gauge the entire spectrum of English grammar, essay preparation, or writing deficits of every student, and even if we did, we couldn’t possibly create a specialized curriculum for every single student as Hawkes can.” 

– Christie Harper of LeMoyne-Owen College teaches English Composition I (ENGL111) in a hybrid setting using Hawkes’ English Composition with Integrated Review for tests and quizzes 

LeMoyne-Owen College

“I have appreciated the support Hawkes offers, like my Training and Support Specialist, Anna. The Training Team is very helpful and available for questions. Hawkes offers 24 hour support through live chat, as well as phone support during the business hours. I also like that Hawkes TV offers video explanations.”

“For my students, I find that the most beneficial part of Hawkes courses is the tutor mode in practice. The most helpful part of Hawkes’ for me is that I do not need to grade papers on Hawkes’ learning assignments.”

– Zhen Li uses Hawkes in multiple mathematics courses at Eastern Shore Community College including, Viewing Life Mathematically (Math 154), Discovering Statistics and Data (Math 155), and Single Variable Calculus with Early Transcendentals (Math 263/264). She teaches a mix of online, hybrid, and lecture courses and uses Hawkes for lessons, tests, and attendance.

Lake Michigan College
Benton Harbor, MI
Course: English Composition
Students in face-to-face and hybrid sections utilize mastery-based software to help them understand how English composition relates to their personal, professional, and academic lives. The software frees up class time to focus on essay development, revision, and more in-depth discussions.

I chose Hawkes because it provides great accessibility for students. My students love the videos and presentation of the material. Hawkes also allows the customization that I need for my courses and I appreciate the ease of grading and reviewing assignments.”

– Michael Litke of Goodwin University uses Hawkes’ Beginning Statistics (STAT 167) in his online and hybrid courses and implements Hawkes Learning lessons and tests.

“Hawkes offers all the topics I cover in class in the courseware content. I like that the content dovetails with the content I taught before I began using the English Composition book. I chose Hawkes because I like that having to complete the Certify quizzes “forces” students to read the textbook. I also appreciate that Hawkes offers integration with D2L.”

“The most beneficial part of Hawkes for my students is exposure to and relation to the topics I cover in class. I think Hawkes gives students even more information about topics of composition than I have time for during class time. Due to the Certify assessments, the students are prompted to read the book. If they did not read their eBook and work through the homework lessons, I do not think the things I teach in class would be reinforced enough to benefit them.”

Elisa Johnson of South Georgia State College teaches Composition I (ENGL 1101) in both, a hybrid and lecture setting using Hawkes’ English Composition for lessons and tests.

“We were using a similar setup in our math literacy classes, but it was confusing.  Hawkes platform mimicked our setup without the confusion and added a colorful eBook, plenty of example videos, and a company that provided the services students needed. The tools available effectively explain the student’s errors and all the reporting features that are available are extremely helpful.” 

– Sherrie Fenner teaches a Self-Paced Mathematical Literacy (Mat090) course using Hawkes Learnings’ Developmental Mathematics course material for lessons, tests, final exams and attendance. 

“ Students prefer technology versus traditional textbook. Questions for the tests are just like homework questions, so it helps students prepare effectively for the tests. Practice and Certify help the students master the assigned problems.”

“Hawkes makes things easy and organized for me as it shortens my time spent on correcting papers. Tests and quizzes are automatically corrected, and that gives me more time to focus on other areas of instruction. I appreciate Hawkes’ easy access to the question bank. I found all chapters I need to cover. There are all types of questions with different difficulty levels available for me to choose from.”

–Laurice Mogannam of Santa Rosa Junior College teaches a hybrid course using Hawkes’ Intermediate Algebra (MATH 156) and implements Hawkes’ lessons, tests, quizzes, midterms, and final exams.

“ I appreciate Hawkes’ diversity of the questions offered in the courseware. Setting up my Hawkes’ Beginning Statistics course is always easy. I have found that the 3 modes of learning (Learn, Practice, and Certify) and assessments are very useful for the students.”

– Francine Long teaches her online and hybrid courses with Hawkes’ Beginning Statistics (MATH 152) at Edgecombe Community College. She uses Hawkes Learning for lessons, tests, quizzes, and final exams.

“The mastery based approach helps equip the students as they learn the material. The format of Learn, Practice, Certify is very easy to navigate. The ease of navigation means that students don’t have to figure out how to use the system and can instead just focus on the coursework.”

“ The customer support is the most beneficial part. I have used Hawkes for a while now, so I don’t have very many questions, but when I was first starting, the customer support made adapting to Hawkes easy.”

– Nathaniel Raak of Mitchell Technical College teaches his hybrid course using Hawkes’ Pathways to College Mathematics (MATH 105) and uses Hawkes’ lessons, tests, and final exams.

Morehead State University Dual Enrollment with Local High Schools
Eastern, Greenup, New Castle, and Campton, KY
Courses: College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Statistics (High School)
As part of Morehead State’s Dual Enrollment program, participating high schools use Hawkes Learning for their dual enrollment courses. In these courses high school students work towards completing college credits from Morehead State University.

“ The textbook is one of the top reasons I chose Hawkes. Hawkes makes grading easier and offers a smooth Canvas integration. The software frees me to work with students and not spend so much time grading.”

“The Practice and Certify components of homework are very beneficial to students and it helps them become independent learners.”

– Lynnette Roller uses Hawkes’ Viewing Life Mathematically for her online course (MATH 1130) at Eastern New Mexico University and implements Hawkes’ lessons, quizzes, midterms, and final exams.

“ I chose Hawkes Learning because I appreciate their pedagogy and find the course very convenient. The mastery based homework assignments help my students understand the material.”  

– Seungly Oh teaches Hawkes’ Precalculus (MATH 109) at Western New England University and incorporates Hawkes’ lessons into his lecture setting course.

“ I have found it very helpful to be able to review my students practice and tests with them. Hawkes is beneficial to students because they can practice and check their own work.”

– Paige Thorn of The University of Mississippi uses Hawkes’ Mathematics with Applications for Business and Social Sciences (MATH 367 & 268) and implements the lessons, tests, and final exams for her Business Calculus course.

“ I used the Hawkes platform last year at Bluefield State College because the college had adopted it. I enjoy the ease of accessing the lessons in Hawkes. I am glad to have the ability to create practice tests and quizzes before assigning finals.

“The student’s ability to review the lessons and assignments is beneficial for their understanding of the material.”

– Gail Webb teaches English Composition (ENG 1013-1023) at Bluefield University and uses Hawkes’ lessons, quizzes, tests, and final exams in her lecture style course.

“ Hawkes Learning is user friendly, offers a clear curriculum, and has a responsive support team.”

“The grammar review is useful for my students. I award significant credit for the Hawkes average in the final course grade, which keeps the responsibility for grammar review on the students.”

– Stephen Whited of Piedmont University teaches Hawkes’ English Composition (ENG 1102) and incorporates Hawkes’ lessons and quizzes into his course. Professor Whited is a Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor.

“ The access to the material made the choice easy. I am glad my students are able to review the material over and over online. I like reinforcing the material with my students and seeing the improvement in my students over the semester.”

– Colton Wood uses Hawkes’ English Composition II to teach his lecture style Composition I (ENGL 1113) at College of The Muscogee Nation
College of the Muscogee Nation

“ The staff working at Hawkes Learning is the most efficient, polite and ready to help to the professors.”

“The Hawkes teaching and learning tools are excellent. I chose Hawkes because I liked the PowerPoints and thought that my homework grading will greatly reduce so I can have more office hours.

– Dinesh Sarvate of The College of Charleston teaches Beginning Statistics (MATH 104). His lecture style course with online instruction incorporates Hawkes’ lessons, tests, and final exams.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College – Pikeville Campus
Pikeville, KY
Courses: English Composition I and II
A section of ENG 101 offers supplemental instruction for students with lower placement scores. Students complete a pre-created grammar diagnostic test and complete learning modules to remedy skill gaps. They engage more with their written assignments by utilizing the online peer review tool SmartReview.

“Hawkes Learning provides excellent support and is very convenient. I find it very helpful that I can see the questions the system provides to students as homework assignments and that students have to master the concepts.”

– Anna Athanasopou of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte uses Hawkes’ Precalculus.