Rowan College at Gloucester County

Rowan College at Gloucester County Efficacy Study

Course: Enhanced English Composition

Course Type: Supplement to lecture

Quick Stat:

During the first semester using Hawkes, a pilot section at Rowan College at Gloucester County boosted the number of students passing Corequisite English Composition by 28 percent.

In fall 2018, the faculty at Rowan College at Gloucester County were looking to offer something more expansive than the McGraw-Hill textbook (Clouse) that was being used for corequisite English Composition. Hawkes’ course, English Composition, “felt like a welcome change.” Professor Emily Maddox piloted Hawkes in her classroom with great success, helping a dramatically larger percentage of students pass the course and move towards graduation.

Enhanced English Composition I at Rowan College is a course that accelerates developmental writing by “catching students up” in a 4-credit version of English Composition I. The goal is for students to move into English Composition II the following semester and work seamlessly alongside peers who had been enrolled in the regular 3-credit English Composition I.

Using the Hawkes platform, students have at their disposal a textbook, online courseware, and a supplemental Reading & Writing Handbook that contains writing, research, grammar, and style tips. By requiring online homework throughout the semester, students were held accountable for mastering the material and using the textbook effectively. It also made class discussions more lively and allowed for interactive classroom elements using the Hawkes courseware.

Bar graph titled Percentage of Students with Passing Grades. Passing percentage is 62.5% and not passing percentage is 37.5% for fall 2017 using McGraw Hill textbook. Passing percentage is 90.5% and not passing percentage is 9.5% in fall 2018 using Hawkes.

“I’m thrilled to have so many students want to talk to me about the course. I’ve never had so many students stay after class or visit me in my office.” —Emily Maddox