Navarro College

Navarro College in Corsicana, TX; Implementation Study

Courses: College Algebra and Elementary Statistics

Course Type: Corequisite Math Pathways

Quick Stats:

Algebraic Pathway: Students can shorten developmental course work from four semesters to two.

Non-Algebraic Pathway: Students can shorten developmental course work from three semesters to two.

Navarro College wanted to reduce the amount of time required for students needing remediation to complete developmental level math courses and move them more quickly into credit bearing courses. A shorter development sequence gives students an increased chance of completing gateway courses and lowers their costs. To do this, faculty sought to align the curriculum with student’s needs thereby improving success.

A “boot camp” course was designed to fast track students through developmental math. This course was tailored specifically to the needs of the individual student. Initial placement was based off the Texas state placement assessment. Course work consisted of a diagnostic exam that allowed students to exempt specific sections. Students only completed necessary lessons and were given individualized instruction through small group lectures, instructor-created videos, and instructor-supported practice. Post-tests were then given to certify passing.

In the semester following boot camp, students were placed into a corequisite course. The corequisite course consisted of a full credit bearing course and a support lab section. The lab provided extra tutoring and just-in-time remediation to boot camp students. Using this format, in addition to a shortened sequence, instructors saw increased student retention and persistence.

Graphic depicting an algebraic pathway, which changed from a 4-semester pathway to a 2-semester pathway, and a non-algebraic pathway, which changed from a 3-semester pathway to a 2-semester pathway.