Morehead State University Dual Enrollment with Local High Schools

Morehead State University Dual Enrollment: Floyd Central High School, Greenup County High School, Henry County High School, and Wolfe County High School

Courses: College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Statistics

Course Type: Dual Enrollment

As part of Morehead State’s Dual Enrollment program, participating high schools use Hawkes Learning for their dual enrollment courses. In these courses high school students work towards completing college credits from Morehead State University. Hawkes interviewed dual enrollment instructors Amy Halbert (Floyd Central High School), Jeani Gollihue (Greenup County High School), Linda Sarrett Mathis (Henry County High School), and Chad Rudd (Wolfe County High School) about their experiences and successes. Here is what they liked most about Hawkes!

Using Hawkes

1. I would love to use more Hawkes programs for our high school classes. —Amy Halbert

2. I have used two other online platforms this year. The Hawkes program is by far my favorite. I am hoping to switch to Hawkes for dual credit College Algebra next year. I love the way students practice before they certify. It’s a great individual learning system. —Jeani Gollihue

3. If I were picking Hawkes would be at the top of the list for algebra. It is user friendly, helpful and holds the students accountable. I also use the Intermediate Algebra for my pre-college algebra classes for those students who aren’t quite ready for dual credit. I have recommended the Introductory Algebra to friends that home school. —Linda Sarrett Mathis

4. A few years ago, our high school was faced with the difficult decision about where to place seniors who did not need remediation but were not ready for a dual credit college class. We turned to Hawkes for a solution. We enrolled these students, 30% of our senior class, in the Introductory College Algebra course through Hawkes. Our goal was to help them improve on national math exams and prepare them for future college math courses. The student success has improved and we now average 15% of these introductory algebra students who advance rapidly and qualify for dual credit with us second semester. —Chad Rudd

Bar graph for Floyd Central and Henry County High School College Algebra Pass/Fail Rate

Benefits of Hawkes for Students

1. The way the 3-mode Learning Path is set up, the mastery-based approach, and the ability to create practice tests. —Amy Halbert

2. The most beneficial part of Hawkes is the practice tests. There is a practice test before each real test. The practice test comes scored by section and students can click on the bar graphs to see other practice problems and help for the specific problems they missed. This creates an individual learning program. —Jeani Gollihue

3. I like it all! The 3-mode Learning Path is wonderful. Learn slows it down after I go over the sections if they need it. Practice gets them to do the practice if they need it. The tutor button in the practice is beneficial to see step-by-step solutions. Certify holds them accountable for mastery of the material. I also like that you can create many versions of the practice test.
—Linda Sarrett Mathis

4. Requiring a mastery of the topic in order to receive credit greatly encourages students to truly work through the problems and question when necessary. —Chad Rudd

Benefits of Hawkes for Instructors

1. Students can take charge of their learning because Hawkes has the opportunity for them to read/watch the lessons in addition to my teaching. They can review as often as they wish and practice on areas that are specifically beneficial to them. —Amy Halbert

2. Hawkes provides individual instruction, but mostly in my situation it ensures consistency between the dual credit course and the on-campus course. I can be sure that my students are getting the exact same content. —Jeani Gollihue

3. I like the automatic feedback and the fact you can review scores on exams and give partial credit points when necessary. You can also change deadlines for specific students. I also like the variety of problems with different degrees of complexity and that there are multiple ways to edit scores by assignment or by student. —Linda Sarrett Mathis

4. Hawkes offers me the autonomy to assign more lessons, create alternate reviews, and to customize tests to meet the individual student’s needs. —Chad Rudd

Bar graph for Greenup County High School Statistics Pass/Fail Rate

Ease of Use

1. The grading is linked directly to the homework, and assessments in Hawkes, so students can immediately see their grade after submitting work. —Amy Halbert

2. The tech support I got from Hawkes at the beginning of the year was far better that the support I got from the other online courseware companies. Hawkes is intuitive to learn from the teacher side. I had no formal training…just a few calls to tech support in the beginning and it fell into place. —Jeani Gollihue

3. I like that you can monitor how long a student is on a section (or not on).
—Linda Sarrett Mathis

4. Hawkes can be implemented in any classroom situation from a class size of 40+ to using it as an independent study, the instructor is not limited to any specific course design when implementing Hawkes. —Chad Rudd

Bar Graph for Wolfe County High School Intermediate Algebra Pass/Fail Rate

Amy Halbert
Floyd Central High School

Jeani Gollihue
Greenup County High School

Linda Sarrett Mathis
Henry County High School

Chad Rudd
Wolfe County High School