Lorain County Community College

Lorain County Community College in Elyria, OH; Efficacy Study

Course: Foundations for Quantitative Reasoning

Course Type: Supplement to Lecture

Quick Stats:

In summer 2016, students who completed more than 80% of their Hawkes homework saw a 17% increase in final scores than their peers. The following summer, students who finished more than 80% of their homework saw a 24% increase in final scores than those who did not.

ABC grades continue to rise after the adoption of Hawkes, with 62.5% of students achieving ABC grades in summer 2016, and 72.5% in summer 2017.

In summer 2016, Lorain County Community College implemented Hawkes Learning’s Foundations of Mathematics courseware into MTHM 058: Foundations for Quantitative Reasoning. This course meets the needs of students in a non-engineering degree track. One of the goals of the course is to reduce the number of developmental math courses
needed for students to achieve college-level status.

All sections meet three days a week for this eight-week summer course. It is lecture-based with Hawkes lessons assigned as homework.

Students have improved their ability to prepare and study their math coursework by using the courseware’s three-mode Learning Path. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses through the Learn, Practice, and Certify modes, students can create their own practice tests to improve specific areas of study.

The instructor uses the PowerPoint presentations available on the Hawkes website. These slides serve as a guide for lecture and are shared with students to reinforce content gaps during class or content missed during an absence.

Two bar graphs are shown. The first is titled Summer 2016, and the second is titled Summer 2017. Both compare the average percentage grade for students who completed less than 80% of their homework and those who completed more than 80% of their homework. The average grades for quizzes, exams, and final grades are higher for students who completed more than 80% of their homework.: