Greenville Technical College


Course: Developmental Mathematics
Course Type: Supplement to lecture & Online

Quick Stats:

13.88% Increase in Final Exam Average

Using MyMathLab:
Spring 2009: 54% average final exam score
Fall 2009: 61% average final exam score
Spring 2010: 53% average final exam score

Using Hawkes:
Fall 2010: 70% average final exam score

20% Increase in Student Success Rate
The average student success rate before implementing the redesign was 50%. Once the course was redesigned using Hawkes, the success rate increased to 71%.

Greenville Technical College implemented a large-scale redesign involving more than 6,000 developmental math students after a year-long pilot study. The goal was to generate a consistent curriculum and elevated standards across 4 campuses with a large full-time and part-time faculty.

During the review process the department evaluated data from the pilot, instructor feedback, and course redesign research.

The math department initially piloted Aleks, MyMathLab, and Hawkes Learning. The pilot then continued with Hawkes and MyMathLab alone. Despite 10 years of familiarity with MyMathLab, the faculty uniformly decided to implement Hawkes courseware across the entire developmental math sequence, based on the great improvement in student success.

One textbook and software bundle is now used for four different courses:
• Developmental Math Basics
• Developmental Math
• Introductory Algebra
• Intermediate Algebra

Success Rate Comparison


Susan Johnson

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