Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson, MS; Comparative StudyCourse: Statistics (MAT 2323)

Course Type: Supplement to lecture

Quick Stats:

Using Hawkes, the average homework scores increased 4% over the average homework scores in classes using MyMathLab. This led to an overall 3% increase in final exam scores comparing classes using Hawkes to MyMathLab.

In fall courses, overall scores increased by 7% using Hawkes compared to MyMathLab.

Copiah-Lincoln Community College offers MAT 2323, a statistics course for non-math
majors. Many students in the allied health fields take the course to receive an introduction to algebra-based statistics.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department began using Hawkes Learning’s Discovering Statistics courseware in fall 2015 across all three campuses for MAT 2323. They chose to implement it because of the approachable presentation of the course content and the courseware’s mastery-based, three-mode Learning Path.

Students complete Hawkes online tests and homework lessons, which are supplemented with the division chair’s lecture videos. Each campus offers online sections each semester and on-campus sections in the spring.

The instructors take advantage of Hawkes Learning’s online reports to assess student
performance. Checking reports such as the Average Time Per Class and Time Per Lesson allows instructors to view how much time students spend in each part of the courseware and help keep students on track to succeed.

A bar graph shows the fall semester's comparison of final grades. Using MML in fall 2010 and fall 2011, final grades were 80% and 84%, respectively. Using Hawkes in fall 2015 and 2016, final grades were 87% and 91%, respectively.