Case Studies

Featured case study is Copiah-Lincoln Community College's Statistics course

The University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS
Course: College Algebra
A year-long pilot study comparing the efficacy of Hawkes Learning and MyMathLab found that students using Hawkes achieved higher performance on learning outcomes as well as higher success rates overall.

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
Course: Finite Mathematics
When the University of Alabama implemented Hawkes in the MAT 110 Finite Mathematics course, the average final grade across sections (excluding incompletes) was 88.26%. The class total pass rate was 100% for those who completed the course.

New Mexico Junior College
Hobbs, NM
Courses: Basic Math and Elementary Algebra
When New Mexico Junior College implemented Hawkes Learning into Basic Math and Elementary Algebra in spring 2016, the Mathematics Department observed an overall 35.09% grade increase.

Crowder College
Neosho, MO
Course: Integrated Communication Arts and Study Skills
When Crowder College implemented Hawkes in COMM 90, the at-risk students who completed the course had nearly identical passing rates in the following course, English 101, as the students who directly placed into the credit-bearing course.

Texas State Technical College – Waco
Waco, TX
Course: College Algebra with Corequisite Intermediate Algebra
By mainstreaming developmental students into co-requisite Intermediate and College Algebra courses, TSTC increased retention rates by 15.3%.

The City College of New York
New York, NY
Course: Basic Mathematics online preparatory course
Incoming students to the Public Service Management Master’s program participated in a pre-semester preparatory course in Basic Mathematics, increasing diagnostic test pass rates from 61% to 95%. 

Bay College
Escanaba, Michigan
Course: Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra
Bay College has observed the strong positive influence that Hawkes Certify assignment completion has on student pass rates, and has seen a positive correlation when looking at students’ Hawkes completion rates and their final grades in the course.

Greenville Technical College
Greenville, SC
Course: Developmental Mathematics
After piloting Aleks, MyMathLab, and Hawkes for a large-scale developmental math redesign pilot, Greenville Tech uniformly decided to implement Hawkes based on vast improvements in student success. 

 University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
Course: Intermediate Algebra
By implementing Hawkes’s mastery-based assignments and error-specific feedback, UNC Charlotte accomplished the goal of improving student results and made Intermediate Algebra an effective gateway course to the credit-bearing level. 

West Kentucky Community & Technical College
Paducah, KY
Course: Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra
By switching from MyMathLab to Hawkes, WKCTC saw increase in student retention rates, a decreased need for tutors, an increase in student motivation and satisfaction, and an increase in the number of students finishing the developmental sequence early or on time.

Spoon River College
Canton, IL
Courses: Basic Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, & Intermediate Algebra
Spoon River College implemented Hawkes courseware across its entire developmental sequence to increase the number of students earning As and Bs by 23%. 

Kirkwood Community College
Cedar Rapids, IA
Course: Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra
By implementing a Modular-Emporium redesign of its developmental mathematics courses, Kirkwood Community College increased student performance on common exam questions and raised the average final exam score by 25%.

Fort Scott Community College
Fort Scott, KS
Course: College Algebra
Fort Scott Community College compared two groups of College Algebra students and found that those using Hawkes courseware demonstrated increased post-test scores compared to those using a textbook only. 

Morehead State University
Morehead, KY
Courses: Introductory Algebra & Intermediate Algebra
After implementing Hawkes courseware into newly designed self-paced online courses, Morehead State saw a 41% increase in the number of students who graduated after passing developmental math.


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