Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University Efficacy Study

Courses: Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, & College Algebra

Course Type: Supplement to lecture

Quick Stats:

30% Increase in Students Earning a C of Better

  • Before using Hawkes, only 58% of students earned a C or better in the course, compared to 88% with the use of Hawkes.

20% Increase in Completion Rate

  • The completion rate in College Algebra increased from 60% to 80% with the implementation of Hawkes.

23% Average Decrease in DFW Rate

  • Introductory algebra DFW rate decreased 24%.
    Intermediate algebra DFW rate decreased 18%.
    College algebra DFW rate decreased 26%.

At Arkansas State University, 39.6% of all first-time students are unprepared for college-level mathematics.

Due to the large influx of students with developmental math needs, the math department redesigned developmental courses in order to increase success rates and standardize instruction.

Teaching and learning took place in a lab setting. All lectures were available for students to review. Students were required to complete Hawkes certifications in order to take each exam.

Grade distribution pre- and post-test bar graph shows more success on the post-test.