An Insider’s Look into Creating the New Developmental Math Editions


An Insider’s Look into Creating the New Developmental Math Editions

Marcel Prevuznak

Hawkes Learning
Charleston, SC

Join Hawkes Learning’s Vice President of Content & Development, Marcel Prevuznak, for an insider’s look into the what and why behind the creation of the new editions of Developmental Mathematics and Preparation for College Mathematics.

Get insight on the decisions made for enhancements and changes that will provide an even stronger resource for your mathematics learners – all of which come with a zero-price increase!

  • Strategies for Academic Success – Study skills and learning strategies build stronger learners with tips on note taking, time management, test taking, and more.
  • Applications – Many more exercises in each section challenge students to apply topics learned to real-world contexts.
  • Concept Checks – Exercise sets assess students’ conceptual understanding of topics before each practice set.
  • Writing & Thinking – Exercises challenge students to apply higher-level thinking and to explain concepts learned in their own words.
  • Chapter Projects – Discovery-based projects promote collaboration and practical applications of mathematics.
  • Extra Material – Advanced topics were added to cover all learning outcomes across the developmental curriculum to prepare students for future courses.

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