An Approach to Mastery-Based Precalculus

In this presentation, Dr. Latrice Bowman discusses her success in providing a mastery-based precalculus course using Hawkes Learning software and other communication tools. Professor Bowman describes the course setup process, how she uses these different tools, and her successful results.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Latrice Bowman has lived in Alaska for about 35 years and enjoys the challenges and experiences that come with living there. She has been teaching and working at University of Alaska Fairbanks for a little over 20 years, 15 of which have been with online and distance education. Professor Bowman has a master’s in applied mathematics and a doctorate in online education. She has taught almost every undergraduate mathematics course, many of those online, but precalculus is her favorite. Dr. Bowman is a Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor.