Accelerating Underprepared Students through English Composition

The demands of gateway and curriculum-level courses—coupled with the newness of college—can often enlarge barriers for underprepared students. Join Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn, for a presentation about accelerated learning programs and how courseware can be an effective advocate for the underprepared student.

Sarah highlights Hawkes’ new corequisite composition title, English Composition with Integrated Review, with particular focus on:

• Adaptive technology as an ally for the multilevel classroom
• “Just-in-time” skill-building for a targeted approach to remediation
• Multimodal resources as a tool for inclusive learning

Sarah Quinn - Hawkes Pic

As Hawkes Learning’s English Product Specialist, Sarah Quinn develops and maintains the English product line. Sarah joined the Hawkes family in 2017; since then, the English team has launched two new print resources: Foundations of English Guided Notebook and Foundations of English Grammar Workbook.

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education from the University of North Florida.