3 Helpful Reports for Corequisite Courses

Collecting and analyzing data on student performance can get tricky in corequisite environments, especially if a different instructor teaches the credit-bearing or remedial section. And if the data shows students are having a tough time on a concept, it isn’t always easy to get in touch with those struggling students.

Join Senior Educational Courseware Specialist Kate Wise as she walks through 3 reports that will make your life easier:

  1. Assignment Reviewer – Provides an analytics breakdown of student performance by assignment and topic.
  2. Search by Criteria – Helps connect you with students and identify when intervention points are necessary.
  3. WebTest Objective Report – Creates custom course objectives and measures learning outcomes.

About the Presenter:
As an educational courseware specialist at Hawkes Learning for 5 years, Kate Wise has experience in implementing different course structures and redesigns across the country. Kate is passionate about providing students with adaptive resources that help them achieve their best academic potential. She enjoys working directly with instructors to learn more about the specific needs of their students and institutions in order to have a positive impact on students’ academic success.