3 Alternative Assessment Ideas That Could be Tailored to Most Courses

This presentation will cover three specific assignments that could be used as alternative assessments in most courses. They include a video presentation assignment with an embedded interactive learning component, an Infographic assignment embedded with an interactive learning activity, and a blog writing assignment for a chosen topic with an embedded interactive learning activity. Direction sheets, website links and rubrics will be available to make it easy to try in your course!

About the Presenter:
Dr. Kimberly Paul is a full-time psychology and education instructor at Southeast Community College. Her other titles include Assessment Developer for Social Sciences at Southeast Community College and a consultant in various committees promoting student academic growth and development, and new course development – online and face-to-face formats.

Dr. Paul is currently involved in seminar, workshop and conference presentations on various psychological and educational topics. She is involved in creating engaged learning activities for higher education textbooks and other teacher resources.

Dr. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master Degree in Curriculum & Instruction, has a Nebraska State Teaching License and has a Ph.D. in Teacher Learning/Teacher Education and Educational Psychology.

Dr. Paul taught in Lincoln Public Schools for 15 years and at various post-secondary institutions including University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska Wesleyan University and Southeast Community College for more than 17 years to the present.