What’s New: March 2, 2023

Hawkes has released a few new features to our online platform! Watch the video below & read on to learn more about these updates.

Instructor Platform: Interface Updates

Lesson Due Dates

First, to continue our interface improvement updates and ensure all pages in the instructor platform match our newer themes, we’ve updated the Create and Update Lesson Due Dates pages. All page functionality remains the same, but we did make one additional improvement to the page with this update. With this release, the calendar view of lessons will now always be visible on the Lesson Due Date page. 

Instead of only being able to access and view your Lesson Due Dates in calendar view after shifting multiple due dates (or from the Assignments Tab > Calendar), as soon as you make updates to your due dates and save changes, you can open a calendar view model right from this page.

All Student Scores Report Facelift

We have also given the All Student Scores Report a facelift as well.  Much like with all of the other instructor platform pages we’ve updated to date, all reporting functionality remains the same, but we hope releasing this ‘face lift’ helps to continue our grade book continuity efforts.

Student Platform: Section Details Option Added

Students can now view their section start and end date and section late penalty settings from their to-do list. 

While the section start and end details have always been visible from the dashboard page, making them and the late penalty settings visible from the to-do list helps to keep students informed on when their class meets and what credit they will receive for assignments if they work after the assignment due dates.

Students can select Section Details from their To-do list to view:

  • Section Start and End Dates
  • Section Meeting Times
  • Lesson Late Penalty Settings

As always, if you have questions, you can contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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