2023 Innovative Educators Virtual Summit

Please view the presentations from each session of the Innovative Educators Summit below.

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Capturing the Hearts and the Minds of Today’s Students | Recording | Presentation Slides
—Tracy Imm, Leadership Coach & Communications Expert 

Rethinking Academic Rigor: Addressing Burnout and Quiet Quitting through Sustainable Approaches to Teaching and Learning | Recording 
—Gino Perrotte, M.A., Founder + Lead Educator, Coach and Mentor of Right Brain Journeys 

Biohacking For You & Your Classroom | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Dr. Jacquie Leone N.M.D., Author, executive coach and award-winning public speaker 

Hawkes Sessions

Psychology Software for Today’s Students | Recording 
—Kate Sharp, Hawkes Learning 

Sociology Software for Today’s Students | Recording 
—Debra Campbell, Hawkes Learning 

Mathematics Software in the Classroom | Recording 
—Austin Swack, Hawkes Learning 

English & Composition Software in the Classroom | Recording 
—Sydney Smith, Hawkes Learning 

Economics Software for Today’s Students | Recording 
—Austin Swack, Hawkes Learning 

Thursday Speakers

Eliminating Barriers: Embracing Student Complexity | Recording 
— Kay Walter, University of Arkansas at Monticello & Kathryn Broyles, American Public University System 

Spicing up Online Discussion Boards in Mathematics | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Angie Hodge-Zickerman, Northern Arizona University & Cindy York, Northern Illinois University 

Critical Thinking in the Classroom | Recording 
— Lori Daniels, PhD, Keiser University 

Promoting Mental & Physical Health in Any Discipline | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Joab Corey, University of California, Riverside 

Sociological Perspectives on Education | Recording 
— Dr. Alaina Desjardin, Kean University 

Listening, Communication, and Compassion: Teachers As Intercessors for Historically Marginalized Students Emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic | Recording 
— Jamie Parmese & Lisa Tucker, Raritan Valley Community College 

Using Online Meeting Tools in Your Traditional Classroom | Recording 
— Tony Baker, Three Rivers Community College 

Bookwalking Through a Flipped Classroom (and Other Return to Learning Challenges…) | Recording 
— Dr. Kymberli Barker, The Citadel, Johns Hopkins, Central Carolina Community College, The Technical College of the Lowcountry 

International Economics: Engaging Students with Real World Group Projects | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Svitlana Maksymenko, University of Pittsburgh 

Creating Optimal Learning Environments for All Students: Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity in Online and Face-to-Face Sociology and Criminal Justice Courses | Recording 
— Dr. Monica Radu & Dr. Kristen Sobba, Southeast Missouri State University 

Using Bad Examples for Good Outcomes | Recording 
— Jennifer P. Gray & Stephanie B. Conner, College of Coastal Georgia 

Using Item Analysis Assessment to Improve Learning & Instruction | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Dr. Jamie Foor, Lock Haven University 

Assignments Design for General Education Courses at Wesleyan College | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Dr. Ying Zhen, Wesleyan College 

A Wolf in Sheets Clothing: Accessible Spreadsheets | Recording 
— Chrystal Trapani & Kristin White, Old Dominion University 

Equitable Assessment in the Community College Classroom | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Dr. Gregory Ramirez, Madera Community College 

I Hate Math! How to Help Your Students Overcome Their Fear of Mathematics | Recording 
— Jennifer Johnke, Ed.D., South College 

Resiliency: It’s Easier Than We Thought | Recording 
— Maryellen Dance, Nazareth College 

Blend with Data | Recording 
— Burcu Karabina, University of Waterloo 

Setting Up the Stage for Black Students’ Success | Recording 
— Dr. Mica Stewart, Mt. San Antonio College 

Adding SLIs to SLOs: Why Student Learning Insights Matter | Recording 
— Dr. Shirley Kahlert, Merced College 

Improve Success and Retention: Integrate Math Study Skills into Courses, Co-requisites, and Labs | Recording 

— Dr. Paul Nolting, State College of Florida 

Increasing Student Engagement with Low-To-No-Prep Activities | Recording 
— Jennifer Merrill, Skyline College 

Evaluating Students through Self-Evaluation | Recording 
— Laura Driver & Kevin Moore, County College of Morris 

Building Connections – Remotely | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Ilene Benz, Monroe Community College 

Friday Speakers

Teaching Using Interactive TV| Recording 
— Maggie E. Habeeb, PennWest California 

Chapter Zero: What Students REALLY Need on Day One| Recording | Presentation Slides
— Dan Van der Vieren, Aims Community College 

Our Economy: What Would You Do? | Recording 
— Dennis Avola, Northeastern University, Framingham State University and the University of New England 

The Pedagogy of Social Justice Using Critical Hydra Theory: DEI Expanded| Recording 
— Tom Arcaro & Kathleen Wirth, Elon University 

Equity and Inclusion Using an Emporium Model Approach | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Kelly Coultas & Tyler Price, University of Louisville 

Journey to Find Self | Recording 
— Christine Floether, Ph.D., Centenary University 

Equity in the Classroom | Recording 
— Manjunath Burdekar, Concord University 

Incorporating Real Scenarios in a Statistics Discussion Board | Recording 
— Michael Heeren, Purdue University Global 

Teaching Statistics Using R | Recording 
— Ashok Singh & Mana Azizsoltani, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

Intercultural Development at a Small, Private, Liberal Arts College| Recording 
— Simon Lucas & Angela Mitchell, Wilmington College 

Encouraging and Engaging Students on the Discussion Board | Recording 
— Dr. Laurie Slifka, Keiser University 

Grading Grammar is Racist: Current Pedagogical Practices to Promote Anti-Racism in the Writing Classroom| Recording 
— Professor Marie Taylor, M.A., Arcadia University 

Strengthen Test and Out-of-Class Assignments with MS Office | Recording | Presentation Slides
— Melinda Clardy, South Louisiana Community College 

Lights, Camera, Classroom – Take your Content to the Center Stage! | Recording 
— Matt Anderson & Dennis Johnson, Fayetteville Technical Community College 

Engaging in Real-world Economic Development with Coffee Farmers in Honduras | Recording 
— Dr. Matthew Osborn, Culver-Stockton College