What’s New in Foundations of English, 2nd edition?

The modernized and enhanced content of the second edition of Foundations of English engages today’s learners through innovative instruction and relatable applications.

This introductory textbook combined with the mastery-based software and ancillary materials gives students all the tools they need to practice essential skills needed for academic success including time management, organization, critical reading and thinking, grammar and punctuation, written communication, and research.


New: Applying APA Style & Formatting

  • Reflects APA 7 Standards
  • 10 brand new questions
  • New lesson video

Updated: Applying MLA Style & Formatting

  • Reflects MLA 9 Standards
  • Updated lesson video

Updated: Common Sentence Errors

  • Lessons now address comma splices and fused sentences as separate sentence errors
  • New software questions
  • Updated lesson video


All second edition materials were updated to have more inclusive and accessible language. These updates are two-fold and include:

  • Using gender-neutral they/them in lessons, content, and applications with singular “they” in addition to “he” and “she”
  • Increased diversity of names and situations within the text and software
  • Corrected instances of exclusive language regarding ability ie. “see”, “look”, and “click”


  • Strengthened shorter reading passages
  • Revised concept definitions for consistency
  • More user-friendly layout of passages and call-out boxes in the textbook


The second edition textbook now includes chapter exercises and projects that are cohesive with the software to facilitate a multi-modal learning path and increase consistency.

Chapter projects are grouped into two categories:

  • Project Assignments encourage collaboration and critical thinking
  • Writing Assignments promote independent learning with writing-focused outcomes

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