What’s New: July 28, 2022

Hawkes has released a few key updates to improve your experience! Watch the video below & read on to learn more about these changes.

Assignment Calendar View

This new tool will allow you to view all of your Hawkes assignments on the calendar once they are assigned.  Color coding that matches the colors in the student platform, category filters, and a search field help you to easily find assignments if you’re looking for something specific on your calendar.

Search by Criteria – Assignment Level Filter

You can now filter and communicate with a group of students with specific grades on individual assignments. This filter can be combined with any other Grade or Activity filters to help narrow your list for student outreach and can be saved for easy access throughout the term.

Assignment Reviewer – Manual Score View Update

You can now see all manually-released scores from the Assignment Reviewer results page, making Assignment Reviewer even more comprehensive. Use this report to analyze big-picture performance or narrow down results per student and question.

Instructor Created Question Filter

We’ve added a new filter that allows you to filter your own Instructor Created questions by difficulty in Assignment Builder. This new filter will allow you to more quickly find and add your custom questions to assignments based on the difficulty you assigned to them upon creation. 

Additional Updates

  • NEW getting started documentation added to Instructor Resources
  • NEW indicator for Manually Edited grades in the student grade portal

As always, if you have questions, you can contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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