Checklist for Success

As the new term approaches, please refer to this checklist to set up and maintain your course settings in your Grade Book. Additionally, watch this training video for a step-by-step walkthrough of these steps. Feel free to make changes throughout the semester. Need to create your Teach account first? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

If you are a new Hawkes Learning Instructor, skip to step 3.

STEP 1: Archive Grade Book

Go to: Tools Tab > Archive Grade Books
Archiving your Grade Book preserves a record of all student scores for your reference in the future. It does not delete sections, settings, or students from your Grade Book.

STEP 2: Break LMS Link

Go to: Tools Tab > Reset Grade Book
If you link your Hawkes section to your LMS, then we recommend that you break the LMS link after the course has wrapped up.

STEP 3: Create Your Sections

Go to: Tools Tab > Manage Sections > Add New Section > Enter section details
As a best practice, please make sure to always create new sections at the start of the term rather than reusing an old section. Check the boxes to prevent work from being carried in before the start date and/or accepted after the section end date if you do not want students to carry in work.

Want to duplicate a previous course’s settings?

You can use the Course Copy Tool to copy over all settings, assignments, and templates to your new sections.

  • Select Copy Settings From Another Section
  • From the Section Drop-Down Menu, select one of your other sections
  • Select No when prompted to copy Basic Settings
  • Once you Save Changes, all previous section settings and assignments will be assigned to your new section
    • All date-specific information is copied over with the assignments, so you will need to update your Lesson Due Dates and WebTest general settings.

**If you are a Course Admin in the Grade Book, then this is where you can also create sections for you and other instructors and push out master course shells. For example, if you set up a master section that has all templates applied that you would like other instructors to use, then once those individual instructors’ sections are set up you can click into your master section and select Apply Settings to Multiple Sections. You can then select the instructors and sections you would like to receive the settings & templates.

STEP 4: Assign Weights for Grading Categories

Go to: Grade Settings > Assignment Groups

The lessons, quizzes and tests groups have already been created for you; all you have to do is adjust the weight, grading rule and any additional settings as desired for each group

You also have the ability to add new groups and sub-groups as needed to fit your course structure.

Video Guide: Managing Assignment Groups

STEP 5: Set Up Late Penalties

Go to: Grade Settings > Lesson Late Penalty

  • Select the name of your section to load the Late Penalty Template
  • Enter a fixed or graduated penalty for late Certify assignments

Video Guide: Assigning a Lesson Late Penalty

STEP 6: Assign Due Dates

Go to: Assignments Tab > Lesson Due Dates
We recommend staggering your due dates so that no more than a couple lessons are due per day. This will help encourage students to stay on track.

If you are creating a duplicate of a previous section:

  • Create a copy of your previous semester Lesson Due Dates template
    • Manage by Template → Select Your Previous Template → Copy Selected Items
  • Select the copy to open it
  • Rename the template
  • Use Shift Multiple Due Dates to shift all due dates to the new term, then make any individual adjustments if necessary
  • Save Changes, then select Copy to Another Section to apply it to your new section(s)
  • Select “Show Additional Options” to assign without a due date or set a visible on date.

If you are creating a course from scratch:

  • Select the name of your section to load the Due Date Template
  • Enter Due Dates for lessons to assign Certify to your students
    • Options to Shift prior due dates forward or Assign Prerequisites
    • Select “Show Additional Options” to Assign Without a Due Date or set a Visible On Date

Video Guide: Assigning Certify Lesson Due Dates

STEP 7: Set Up Your Tests & Quizzes

Go to: Assignments > WebTests > Create New > Select a curriculum, chapter and lesson
If you use the course copy tool, the WebTests assigned to your previous section will be assigned to your new section with the same settings.

If you are not using the course copy tool:

  • Select Add question to build your assessment
  • Select Assign to enter General Setting and Assign your assessment

Video Guide: How to: Create a WebTest
Video Guide: How To: Assign a WebTest

STEP 8: Link Your Hawkes Section to Your LMS

Once your section is set up in Hawkes, if you use LMS integration, you can link your Hawkes section to your LMS course.

You can follow the directions listed on our support page here or you watch this Video Guide: LMS Integration

If you have any questions or need assistance as you are setting up your sections, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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