5 Ways Hawkes’ Adaptive Learning Features Encourage Content Mastery

Too many students find themselves unprepared for tests after using traditional study methods of memorization and regurgitation without a true understanding of the subject matter.

Hawkes software proudly features adaptive learning components to foster content mastery. In fact, our mastery-based approach to learning is inherently adaptive in nature and utilizes artificial intelligence to adapt to students’ individual skills, learning paces and knowledge levels, allowing students to work as little or as much as they need on certain topics to ensure competency.

Below are 5 adaptive software features in Hawkes that guide students to success:

  1. Custom Practice: Students who score below the minimum percentage required to pass Certify are automatically kicked back to Practice Mode, where they are given an individualized learning path and curated set of practice questions to help them achieve the level of mastery required to Certify.
  2. Explain Error: Students receive individualized feedback on incorrect answers. This just-in-time intervention catches students at the moment that an error is made, pinpointing exactly what went wrong and placing them back on the path to content mastery, preventing them from studying or memorizing incorrect information.
  3. Practice Test Breakdown: Upon completing practice tests, students are given a chart that breaks down their performance in each lesson. This allows students to see exactly where they need to focus their studies leading up to their assessment. With an end goal of subject matter comprehension and retention, this chart helps students be more thorough and efficient in their studying efforts.
  4. Step-By-Step Guidance: Software walks students through problems step-by-step, providing a detailed breakdown of how to approach each problem.
  5. Adaptive Practice: Instead of being penalized for incorrect answers, students are encouraged to take their understanding of concepts a step further with customized practice questions. These targeted questions allow students to focus study efforts on items that they have not demonstrated proficiency in rather than spending additional study time on material that is already mastered.

Want to learn more about Hawkes Learning’s adaptive features? Contact us today!

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