Successful Elements of Online Design from the Student and Professor Perspective

As more courses migrate to online and hybrid deliveries, it is difficult to ascertain which elements could be useful in successful online delivery models. Having been both an online student and an online professor, Dr. Stephanie Schaefer has analyzed & researched which key components should be a part of every online design model to reduce cognitive overload and increase student engagement.

About the Author:
Dr. Stephanie Schaefer has over a decade of experience teaching in K-12 and community college settings. She is currently teaching in the capstone course in the Master’s of Online Education program at Southern New Hampshire, including courses in STEM education and guiding doctoral candidates at the American College of Education, and teaching students writing at SUNY Broome. She is particularly interested in how content is represented through multiple means of representation and how to help diverse student populations navigate online courseware more successfully.

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