2022 Innovative Educators Virtual Summit

Please view the presentations from each session of the Innovative Educators Summit below.

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Stress: How to actually manage the most powerful emotion | Recording
—Maryellen Dance, Quantum Leap Therapy, Keynote Speaker

Communication Skills for Positive Learning, Living and Work | Recording
—Arjun Buxi,

Hawkes Sessions

Elements of a Successful Course in the Digital Age | Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning

Behind the Scenes: Discovering Business Statistics | Recording
—Kelsey Wiest & Robin Hendrix, Hawkes Learning

Economics Software Demonstration | Recording
—Kathryn Schaefer, Hawkes Learning

Mathematics Software Demonstration | Recording
—Taylor Ireland, Hawkes Learning

Sociology Software Demonstration | Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning

English Software Demonstration | Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning

Behind the Scenes – Viewing Life Mathematically 2nd Edition | Recording
—Kelsey Weist & Barbara Miller, Hawkes Learning

Customizing Hawkes Courses for any Environment| Recording
—Taylor Ireland, Hawkes Learning

Psychology Software Demonstration| Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning


A Gold Medal in Math! Using Digital Badges to Boost Confidence | Recording
—Tami Tacker & Kirsten Meymaris, Purdue University Global

College Algebra: A Redesign Success Story | Recording
—Dr. John Taylor, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue in Higher Education | Recording
—Rachel Gallardo, Blinn College

Flex to Success! A retrospective on liberalizing the learning experience during a pandemic | Recording
—Dr. David Chaplin, Northwest Nazarene University

Interior Importance: Personalizing the College Composition Classroom | Recording
—Julie T Quarles, Pepperdine University

Quantitative Reasoning with Hawkes Learning | Recording
—August Roberson, Ball State University

Improving Self-efficacy in Students: Problem Solving Approaches | Recording
—Lori Daniels, Ph.D., Keiser University

How Covid Changed Us | Recording
—Jennifer Johnke Ed.D., South College

What is Reality? | Recording
—Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

Making Math More User-Friendly – Metaphors and Connections to Help Student Retention | Recording
—Melinda Clardy, South Louisiana Community College

So, here’s the thing…The Science and Process of Having Difficult Conversations | Recording
—Rachel Gallardo, Blinn College

Making Your Own Math Questions | Recording
—Dr. Ira L. Robbin, Southern Connecticut State University

Discussion Bored?! Ideas for Revamping Online Discussion Boards | Recording
—Tami Tacker & Kirsten Meymaris, Purdue University Global

Equity and Inclusion Using an Emporium Model Approach in Math Intervention Courses| Recording
—Kelly Coultas & Tyler Price, University of Louisville

Blended (Hybrid) Course Learning and Teaching In Action | Recording
—Lisa P. Diehl, University of North Georgia

Beyond the Boxes: Not just “Boys” and “Girls” | Recording
—Dr. Trisha Prunty, Blackburn College

Three Miniwebinars: Bestowing Virtual Awards, Office Hours Outside the Box, and DEIB at the Instructor Level | Recording
—Lynda Mae, Ph.D. Arizona State University

Implementing Hawkes Foundations of English into the Classroom | Recording
—Mike Thompson, North Iowa Area Community College

Hawkes Diagnostics and Mastery Learning Paths | Recording
—Dr. Latrice Bowman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

Flipped Classrooms: Two Sides of the Coin | Recording
—Kymberli Barker, Ph.D., Central Carolina Community College

The Local Impact of Teaching Voting Theory | Recording
—Jon Anderson & Max Aeschbacher, Utah Valley University

Trading Spaces: Designing a Virtual Learning Space | Recording
—Becki Streett, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Transitioning Co-Requisite Math Course to an Online Environment | Recording
— Amy Young, Navarro College and Brandon Ford, Navarro College, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

The New way of relating to students in times of Covid | Recording
—Hope Cate, Cape Fear Community College

That’s a Great Idea! Acknowledging Faculty Creativity and Resourcefulness | Recording
—Tami Tacker & Leslie Johnson, Purdue Global

Why Are There No Presentations About Rainbows?: How to Create a Visually Interesting Yet Accessible Presentation | Recording
—Kristin White & Chrystal Trapani, Old Dominion University

The Five Ws of Math Corequisites | Recording
—Emily Carpenter, Seminole State, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

Neurotransmitters and Communication Between Neurons | Recording
—Dr. Laurie Slifka Bakers, Keiser University

Communication and Organization – Keys to Online Learning | Recording
—Dr. Jason Caudill, King University

Plagiarism in the Digital Era: Methods, Detection, & Prevention | Recording
—Dr. Laurie Slifka Bakers, Keiser University

Keeping Online Students Engaged | Recording
—Dr. Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University

How to Improve the Quality of Asynchronous Discussion | Recording
—T.L. Brink, Crafton Hills College

Inclusive & Equitable Learning Experience in Economics | Recording
—Dr. Ying Zhen, Wesleyan College

Turning Baggage Into Luggage | Recording
—Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

Ensure Integrity in Online Courses | Recording
—Dr. Arunachalam (Chalam) Narayanan, University of North Texas

Delivery Retention: Is Your Course Content Digestible? | Recording
—Kristin White & Chrystal Trapani, Old Dominion University

Innovative Media to Enliven Student Presentations| Recording
—Amanda Hill, St. Mary’s University

Circumventing the Hijacked Classroom: Effective Practices for Managing the Classroom Online| Recording
—Nicole Wilson & Tayna Mclnnis, Bowie State University

Rguroo: Introducing a Web-Based Statistical Software for Teaching Your Statistics Courses | Recording
—Dr. Mori Jamshidian, California State University, Fullerton

Quality evaluation and feedback using rubrics | Recording
—Michael Heeren, Purdue University Global

Integrating Math Study Skills and Student Collaboration into Virtual and in Person Courses | Recording
—Paul Nolting, Ph.D., Author of Winning At Math