Setup Tips for Course Administrators

We’ve gathered some helpful tips below to assist Course Administrators in setting up Hawkes courses for all faculty who will be teaching them. Read on to ensure that your master shell course is correctly set up and copied out to your faculty.

  • Archive Grade Book (Tools Tab > Archive Grade Books)

Archiving your Grade Book preserves a record of all student scores for your future reference. Course Administrators can archive for all instructors.

  • Add New Instructors & Sections (Tools Tab > Manage Instructors/Sections)
    • Select Add New Instructor to add anyone brand new to the course
    • Follow the wizard to add in new faculty and their sections
  • Follow the wizard to add in new faculty and their sections
  • Create sections for faculty (Tools Tab > Manage Instructors/Sections)

We recommend adding faculty and their sections before creating and copying your master shell settings so that you can copy to everyone in bulk

  • Select an instructor’s name to add their sections
    • Double check that all start and end date selections are marked according to course settings
  • Update your master shell section (Tools Tab > Manage Instructors/Sections)

You can reuse an old master shell or create a brand new one and copy from a previous shell by using the Course Copy Tool

  • Add your new master shell section or rename your old master shell section
    • If you created a new section, use the Course Copy Tool to copy everything from your previous master shell section to your new one
      • All date specific information is copied over with the assignments, so if you had assignment due dates on your old master template, you will need to update your Lesson Due Dates and WebTest general settings.
  • Ensure your Lessons are all assigned to the master shell section (Assignments Tab > Lesson Due Dates)

If you reused an old master section or created a new one and copied from an old one, a Lesson Due Dates template will be assigned to the section. If you created a new master section from scratch, you will need to create a new master Lesson Due Date template to assign to it.

  • Select the name of your section to open the master Lesson Due Date Template
    • Use Shift Multiple Due Dates to shift all due dates to the new term, then make any individual adjustments necessary
  • Ensure your WebTests are all assigned to the master shell section (Assignments Tab > WebTests)
    • Select View by Section
    • Check the box next to your new master shell section and then select General Settings
  • Update the WebTest Open/Close dates and times and check the rest of the settings
  • Mark all WebTests assigned to your master section as Shared by selecting the WebTest(s), selecting the Manage tab, and selecting Share
  • Ensure all other templates you want shared are assigned to it
    • Custom Curriculum (Assignments Tab > Curriculum)
    • Late Penalty (Grade Settings Tab > Late Penalty)
    • Assignment Reminders (Tools Tab > Communications > Assignment Reminders)
  • Copy your master shell section to faculty teaching the course (Tools Tab > Manage Instructors/Sections)
    • Select your master section to open it
    • Select Apply Settings to Multiple Sections and then select the instructors and sections to which you will push out the settings and templates.
  • Review Display Options for other master settings you wish to push out
    • Transfer Settings
  • Require .edu when creating a Hawkes account

Questions? Contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at

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