Grade Book Permissions for Different Users

The Hawkes Grade Book is a vast and wondrous space! Depending on your setup, you may have several instructors, administrators, and helpers needing access to this space. You don’t want others using your account, and you may not need to let others access certain reports and tools in the Grade Book. Fortunately, we have Grade Book Permissions, a feature that lets you designate which roles individuals have in the Grade Book for a more streamlined experience.

User Roles

Course Administrators can choose from five roles when adding a new user to the Grade Book. The five roles are the following:

  • Course Administrator: Able to change all users’ settings.
  • Instructor: Able to change section settings.
  • Teaching Assistant: Able to view/edit grades and attendance. Update: TA’s can create and assign WebTests, too.
  • View-Only: Able to view grades and attendance. Update: These users can directly access Assignment Reviewer from the All Student Grades and Detailed Student Grades reports.
  • Attendance Taker: Able to view/edit attendance.

The Teaching Assistant, View-Only, and Attendance Taker permissions can also be customized.

New Users

Add a new user by selecting the Tools tab and Manage Instructors/Sections. Choose Add New Instructor and enter the user’s information. When adding the user, select the role from the drop-down menu.

A drop-down menu is next to Role and has the options of course administrator, instructor, teaching assistant, view-only, and attendance taker.

Course Administrators and Instructors

The Course Administrator and instructor roles have not changed. Course Administrators have access to all user accounts, while instructors have access to only their account. After selecting either of these roles, select Next and enter all information needed for the user’s section. With permissions, you now have the option to Share this section with other instructors. Selecting this option will add this section to a list to share with other users.

Next to Section name is a check box where an arrow is pointing that says

After entering the section information, select Next and either Add Another Section for that user or select Finish.

Teaching Assistants, View-Only, and Attendance Takers

These three user roles have limited grade book privileges. Select the role from the drop-down menu and select Next. You will not be prompted to create a section, but rather choose which sections you want the user to have access to.

An arrow points to a check box next to a name and section title.

Once you’ve select the section(s) to which you want to grant access, select Next and Finish on the next screen.

Share Sections 

Course Administrators can adjust which sections Instructors, Teaching Assistants, View-Only, and Attendance Takers can access. Select the Tools tab, Manage Instructors/Sections, and choose the name of the user.

The instructor name shows up as a clickable link.

To grant access to sections, select Share Section(s) at the top of the page.

An arrow points to a button at the top called Share Section(s), which is second from the left after a button called Change Role.

A new menu will display to choose the section(s) to which you would like to grant access. Select the section(s) and select Finish.

An arrow points to a check box that must be selected next to the owner and section names. Another arrow points to the bottom right button called Finish.

To stop sharing sections with a user, select the section(s) and select Unshare Section(s) at the top. This will remove the user’s ability to access those sections.An arrow points at a button at the top called Unshare Sections. Another arrow points at a selected check box next to a section owner and section.

If you would like to view the specific privileges for the Teaching Assistant, View-Only, or Attendance Taker roles, select the icon under the Permissions column on the Instructor List page. You can edit these three roles to completely remove access for any area in the Grade Book.

An arrow points to a button that has an ellipsis in a column called Permissions.

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