6 Things You Can Do With the All Student Scores Report

The All Student Scores Report, located on the Reports Tab, is one of the most comprehensive locations in the instructor platform to monitor your student’s progress through your course. Think of this as your grade book where you can not only view grade information for your assignment, but also use it as your hub to edit grades, review assignments, and check in on your student’s last login date.

Check out 6 things you can do from the All Student Scores Report below.

1. Review Your Students’ Grades

You have access to view your student’s overall grade, grade per assignment group, grade per specific assignment and can filter the report to pull just the information you’re looking for for specific assignments and specific students.

  • Optionally filter the report by either Assignment Type, Students, or both and select Display Student Scores.
  • Assignment Group columns are expandable to view individual assignment completion information.

2. Edit Student Grades or Assignment Due Dates

All individual assignment due dates and grades are editable from this report with the click of a single button.

  • When an assignment group is expanded, select either the icon or grade to open a drop-down menu for individual student updates.

3. Review Assignment Attempts

From the same assignment-specific drop-down, you can launch our Assignment Reviewer tool, which allows you to view details of the specific questions a student is getting right and wrong on an assignment. If you’re interested in viewing cross-section commonly missed question information, you can also load the Assignment Builder tool from this page as well.

  • When an assignment group is expanded, select either the icon or grade to open a drop-down menu for individual student updates.

4. View Last Login Information

If you’re interested in checking to ensure your students are regularly logging into the student platform, last login information can be made visible.

  • Select Show View Settings then check the box next to Last Login to view.

5. View a Single Student’s Detailed Grade Report

If after reviewing your section data you’re interested in taking a detailed look at a single student, you can launch our Detailed Student Grade report to access all of the same data and options for a single student.

  • Click an individual student’s name to view their detailed grade profile.

6. View Final Grade Graphs & Statistics

As you are reviewing your student’s final grades in your course, you have access to view Grade Statistics that display final grade data in graphical format. This option will give you both a visual and statistical overview of grade distribution within your course.

• Click on the graph icon next to Final Grade to view Grade Statistics.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at this report or any others, reach out to us at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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