Tips for a Successful Semester!

Navigating the new term can be a bit challenging—but fear not! We’ve compiled some of our best tips to help you get the most out of Hawkes and breeze through the semester ahead.

  1. Regularly Check Due Dates
    Pencil those due dates into your planner and hold yourself to them. After all, staying on-track is key! If you fall behind, put in the necessary time to catch up.

2. Follow the Learning Path: Learn-Practice-Certify
Practice, practice, practice! Practicing before attempting Certify will significantly reduce the time you spend in Certify.

Practice has the most influence on your success. Read the Explain Error feedback when you incorrectly answer a question. When possible, this feedback is specific to your mistake to help you get it right the next time!

Stuck on a question? Use the Tutor feature for step-by-step help, or check your work with the Solution. Remember, you will see the same question types later in Certify, so take advantage of Tutor in Practice to prepare yourself.

And remember: the Mastery approach in Certify is your friend! Answering about 80% of the questions in Certify correctly will result in a MASTERED lesson. You will receive a 100%! You are allowed to miss a certain number of questions and still receive full-credit for the assignment. There is no limit on the number of attempts on any assignment, meaning that you will NEVER be penalized for starting over. A perfect score is still within reach! And if you do not reach Mastery, we’ve got your back. The courseware will create a customized Practice session to help you work through the problem types you missed. You can learn from your mistakes and try Certify again when you’re ready.

3. Use Certify Reviewer to Efficiently Prepare for Exams
You can easily review past attempted and completed Certify assignments. This is especially helpful when you’re preparing for a test, as these old assignments can help you identify questions you need to study in preparation.

4. Create Your Own Practice WebTests
Practice tests allow you to create your own custom study plans for upcoming exams! You can create practice tests with the same parameters as the actual exam (ex: included lessons and test time limit) to ensure you’re studying the right content.

Use the Click to Practice feature to practice all missed questions from the lessons you included on your test. This will help you to prioritize your study time more efficiently.

Happy studying!

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