What’s New: May 27th, 2021

Hawkes is heading into the summer with a few key updates to improve your experience. Watch our video overview or read on to learn more.

Video Menu Added to “Watch” Feature

Watch feature in Learn mode has been expanded to include a new video menu displaying all example & lesson-level videos for each lesson. Students can scroll through the menu via the “Prev” & “Next” buttons.

Additionally, audio transcripts are available to download as a Microsoft Word document below videos.

“Show Work”: Upload an Image File

On Show Work enabled WebTest questions, students can now opt to upload a file containing their work instead of showing their work in the text box below the question. Students may still opt to show work in the software’s text box feature if they choose.

  • Supports .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF and .TIFF files
  • Instructors can access files in Assignment Reviewer
  • Students can access files when reviewing a test
  • Uploaded files are stored in the file system & can be purged when resetting an attempt data or deleting a test or students by an instructor
  • Max 10 MB file size & 1 file upload allowed per question

New Submission Status in Student “To-Do List”

The student To-Do List now contains a new Closed submission status type for past-due tests that do not allow late submissions. Students will not be able to complete Closed tests.

Closed tests will appear at the bottom of the To-Do List.

WebTest Objective Reports: New “Code Status” Column

New Code Status column added to WebTest Objective Reports to distinguish between students with active & deactivated Student Access Codes.

Question Builder: Bulk Actions

You may now select multiple questions to move, copy or delete. To access this feature in Question Builder, click Select under Folder Options. You may select by question or folder in multi-select mode.

Note: When moving between single & multi-select mode, all folder and question selections will be reset.

Additionally, we have created a Summary view for multi-select mode to help you distinguish between several questions at once. In the Summary tab, you can see how many questions you’ve selected, the questions’ names with the folder in which they are found, and you can deselect questions with greater ease.

“Grades Report” Icon Update: Diagnostics Test Credit

A new Lesson Status icon denotes students who have taken a diagnostic test and received credit for a lesson as a result of their performance on this test. It is represented by an inverted green check mark.

This will clarify which students have received lesson credit via Certify vs. a diagnostic test.

Additional Updates

  • Updated icon to indicate past due assignments
  • Updated Excel format for Export Grades: Export now automatically shows the numbers on the reports as a numeric value for easier data calculation
  • Include in Grade settings: Added option to copy over Include in Grade settings when copying assignment groups from one section to another
    • If you select the checkbox, Include in Grade settings for individual assignments will also be copied over to the new section.
  • New checkbox added for Course Admins in Display Options under “Transfer into a new section…”
    • If Course Admin checks this box and saves changes, then all settings under Transfer settings will apply to all instructors & sections in the grade book.
    • Once changes are saved, the transfer settings subsection will NOT be editable by instructors who are not Course Admins.
  • Updated Instructor Resources:
    • 12 sets of PPT teaching slides updated with additional examples, instructions, & applications for Principles of Microeconomics & Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Companion site updates:
    • Statistics companion site: Updated technology instructions for Multiple Regression, Regression Prediction Intervals, Counting Techniques, & Simple Linear Regression
    • Statistics companion site: New technology instructions added for Linear Regression Fitted Line with Prediction Interval & Linear Regression Fitted Line with Confidence Interval

As always, if you have questions, you can contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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