Guided Notebooks: The Perfect Supplement to Your Course Content

Written by Dr. Chris Schroeder of Morehead State University, the third editions of the Precalculus Guided Notebook & College Algebra Guided Notebook provide tangible, pencil-to-paper resources to supplement in-person, hybrid, or online learning environments.

View sample: Precalculus Guided Notebook

View sample: College Algebra Guided Notebook

These guided notebooks ensure accountability to course content, prompting students to actively follow along with the respective courseware’s instructional Learn mode and apply knowledge as they go.

Additionally, use these resources as scaffolded learning tools to help students develop organizational and note-taking skills & build a solid foundation for future courses:

  • Transcribe key definitions & concepts
  • Additional problem-solving practice
  • Build note-taking skills

By the time students are ready to apply the concepts from Learn mode to answer questions, they have the major concepts of each section written down, as well as several worked-out problems to reference as they move through Certify. As test time approaches, these notes become a useful study aid covering key course material.

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